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Red, white and rose


If you were restricted to one domaine to buy all your still wine, what would you go for? Please stick to the question or 't gods ot North will be angered ! :innocent::rose::wine_glass:


Tough question. Bad enough when restricted to country or region or appellation, but domaine … :astonished:

For me, somewhere like J. Hofstätter in the Alto Adige /Südtirol would tick the box - brilliant fresh whites (pinot bianco, gewürz, their De Vite blend) and really classy reds (pinot nero, lagrein, vernatsch). Not to mention the stunning Dolomites all around.

We currently list two of their wines …


I would go with the T-Oinos setup in Tinos Island. They have fantastic reds made from Mavrotragano and Avgoustiatis, a wonderful rose called Mavrose and great whites from Assyrtiko and Malagouzia.

Winery websites are terrible

I don’t think I’d cope! :scream:But if I had to it would be Burgundy , Côte de nuit, Côte de Beaune, Maconnais, Chailonnais , Chablis and Chatillonnais ,
Red, white, Rosé and Crémant :+1:


An answer that’s bound to anger t’gods o’ t’North!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How about the wines of the Mas de Gaumas Gassac? I visited the domaine many years ago (1988?) and was blown away by the red wine. Happy memories! I have also tasted their white and I understand that they also produce rose and a rose sparkling wine - so that just about covers every possibility! TWS currently has the white but not the red or rose.


Niepoort - Red, White, Rose, fortified, Ice wine and I am sure Dirk will make a sparkling at some point lol


Oh yes, appellation not region :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:,
I don’t think I can answer that question then :rofl::rofl:


Even worse… Domaine :wink:


If push comes to shove, I would say wines from Etna, Sicily, especially ones from Terrazze dell’Etna winery. Hope the Northern Gods accept my half-baked answer!!??:grimacing:


Jaboulet Aine. I can live without fizz.


Yeah, I was thinking of Delas, for the same reason.


Being a lover of Rioja I’d like to think I could cope with drinking nothing but Lopez de Herredia… But even I’d get a bit tired after a while! Too much thinking involved. I’d therefore probably say Muga - not my favourite red or white Rioja but their range in terms of drinkability at all price points is, in my opinion, pretty hard to beat.


Oooo that’s a good shout. I’ll put them second :laughing:


Pull yourself together Ewan, it’s only a game​:innocent::rose::wine_glass:


Read the question then answer it Leah !!:innocent::+1:


:scream::scream::scream::scream:.!! Nope definitely can’t do that :frowning:️!!


@szaki1974, although … if this is all theoretical, then DRC of course :rofl::rofl:


This exercise reminds me of my son marking GCSE papers…"Bring me a drink and some bread Da Dad, someone has answered the question"


@szaki @tom @ewan @Leah
I thinned my list down to two domaines…,slightly easier for me as I don’t buy wines from anywhere by but France and Italy…I will drink wine from almost anywhere but only as a courtesy to the person offering it…