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Red Burgundy


Keep noticing in recent months how poor the red burgundy selection is, if you select in-stock reds, you get 25 wines, if you do the same in Bordeaux you get 55 wines, if you go to the USA section you get 25 reds as well. Are the society giving up on red burgundy ? I know it’s not cheap, but given the annual level of interest in the EP offer, you would hope that it would be better represented than it is. It could be that my mind is playing tricks and it’s always been a similar stock level ?


@Thomas, I would tend to agree somewhat.there doesn’t seem to be a high level of reds currently available! I would love to see some Pommard and some hautes côtes in there too but I think it’s more to do with the time of year and other offerings being on the table such as EP Rhône right now …! Also, as you’ve sad, it tends to be in a certain price bracket and that doesn’t speak to everyone! I’m a big Burgundy fan but tonight have had a great 2016 Willamette Drohin Pinot Noir ! I think like most Burgundy fans too, there is a lot of wine nikes done to bring some back as it’s not too far :wink::+1:


Leah is right about the price bracket, Burgundy by definition is over subscribed and overpriced, the demand is so high from such a small area they can almost charge what they like.
Looking at the EP lists that emerge each year there is little or nothing of the top Domaines on offer which means searching out more and more satellite areas for something to sell.
When you factor in a harvest down by 30% because of frost and hail and demand for the likes of DRC wines outstripping in price anything else in the wine world plus record breaking auction prices, Burgundy has reached a stage that unless you have very deep pockets you are wasting your time.
Out of curiosity I looked for a current Armand Close de Beze, I purchased a small amount back in the early eighties and it was expensive then, but nothing like today, Farr Vintners have it at £950 a bottle for the 2014, is it really worth seeking out with all those hanging on the coat tails of the big name domaines jacking their prices up knowing that the insatiable demand will guarantee sales to the far east and American collectors.


I would say that there is some nice red Burgundy (at the less expensive end) available from time to time from some decent growers (Sylvian Pataille for example), but the wines rarely stick around on the website for long. Agree that the prices for the top domaines are now super inflated by the mega rich wine collectors.


I’ve given up on red and white burgundy - mainly because of the price. I recently drank the last bottle from a mixed case of '93 reds. I can’t remember how much I paid EP but I did make the mistake of looking up the last bottle I had (Dujac - Clos de la Roche).
I find the pinots TWS has from around the world better value - NZ, Oregon, Alsace and Germany. In terms of white - then I head now to NZ every time and have to ignore the wine miles.


I think it would be nice to have some Pommard, Vosne, Chambolle and more than a smattering of gevrey. It would be great to have vintages other than 2011 or 2014 on sale. I think the burgundy selection let’s down an otherwise excellent society list and range. I’d like to hear from the society if pricing levels and demand have led the current poor selection to be the new normal, or it’s a temporary state of affairs.

If it’s the new normal, I will have to step up EP purchasing, fall into the clutches of other merchants, and continue my exploration of other Pinot areas.


Thanks for the comments about the Red Burgundy section. We analyse sales by wine from the List and buyers are given the numbers of wine suggested by the sales. So the listings reflect the sales. We sell most of our fine Burgundy in our en primeur where we sell about 100 red Burgundies.


I think this might be the answer


I remember reading many years ago, I think it may have been in a wine primer by Andre Simon, the following comment: there is no such thing as good burgundy, there are only good bottles of burgundy. I think that burgundy wines, red in particular, are a minefield. Whites are more reliable. Add in the fact of the relatively high cost of these wines, I find better value elsewhere.


I can’t fault TWS here on their selection of Burgundy - this is a function of the market and demand for the wine as is the escalating price. I have now turned to the New World for Chardonnay and will start to do the same for Reds, once I have drunk my reserves over the next decade.


Great selection of 2015 burgundy has just appeared, seems to be fairly small quantities available. Pricing is at first sight scary, but is competitive with current market pricing


Oh my word…


Slightly interested in where it’s come from, as some of the wines are things I was unsuccessful in buying EP from the society. I assume judging by the quantities, left overs and oddments?


Scary at second sight too!..


Pataille prices look okay… I missed ordering Pataille in 2015… not any more


Might be a few things…

(1) TWS do hold back stock, so not all is allocated out
(2) People do cancel EP orders after the allocation is done


Now both Clos du Roy and Marsannay sold out… only Bourgogne left


Jings. That didn’t take long.

Well, the 2010 Clos du Roy appeared on the list last year (£21 I think - much more digestible - and consequently quite happily sitting in my reserves), so maybe they’ll do the same with some 2015s and hold a few lines back for a later date.

I snooze, I lose.


Lots more burgundy added, mainly 2013’s and 2014’s. Would be a bit cautious about the 2013’s several of these are available on the secondary market at big discounts to EP pricing.