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Red Burgundy Pinot Noir alternative



This has been the best burgundy alternative I’ve had from TWS so far:

They also had a blend of vintages once that was lovely bit nothing current on the site.

From NZ I thought this was delicious

And it seems they now supply the exhibition label NZ PN.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately as Anne wasn’t able to make the trip and the wines only have limited stock remaining, they won’t be featuring.

We are still awaiting confirmation from a couple of producers so the final list is still a few days from being released but we are building a nice list of wines that will showcase the diversity of the region.


I enjoyed this last Friday, nicely balanced fairly light Pinot. Pretty good for the price point and will be nice with a couple more years bottle age as well I think. Not a “showy” wine which is part of its charm.


Ah yes, I have had a Sancerre rouge before, had to double take and check the colour of the wine lol currently also looking at aged Beaujolais as an option.


Pinot Noir from Alsace is another satisfying alternative, in my opinion. And that Dezat Sancerre rouge was delicious - highly recommended!


I wouldn’t say this is quite an alternative but it’s a fabulous wine from the Côte de Rouffach ! I absolutely loved this .


I have no idea why but I love drinking red wines from the long Alsace/German shape bottles. It shouldn’t make a difference but it just makes me happy, especially if they’ve been slightly chilled and have some condensation building up.
Are those bottles called ‘flutes’ or have I just made that up?


I believe they are referred to generically as “Mosel” or “Alsace” bottles (to contrast with Bordeaux and Burgundy bottle shapes) rather than flutes but I am sure it would be understood.

I can’t find an authoritative list of all shapes & names as I know there are plenty of other smaller, local versions (such as the Albeisa from Langhe)


… And the good old Bocksbeutel from Franken… the Clavelin from the Jura… and is there a name for that distinct bottle that Argentinian Malbec is often bottled in? It’s really pleasing to drink from different bottle shapes, as @Paul_Trelford suggests! :slight_smile:


It’s funny you say that as some MW told us once that a lot of people in the U.K. are put off by those bottles assuming the wines with be sweet.


I’m sure that’s true - certainly back when Liebfraumilch and other sugary German nasties from the potato fields were all the rage


Indeed, my wife assumes that all wine in those bottles is sweetish Riesling, not without some cause, as I like to surprise her now and again, just to see if her tastes have changed. She was very surprised to like;

Which she had seen in the fridge and assumed she would dislike. The problem being it was so long it would only fit in the door.


A friend bought a case of Cloudy Bay PN at a ‘bargain price’. It may be a case of reputation - or expectation - outstripping quality but he was a bit underwhelmed by it and is considering returning the remainder of the case. If he’s successful in getting his money back what PN would you recommend he re-invests his £30 a bottle in? He is a big fan of Burgundy but as he’d have to pay quite a bit more than that amount to get a good one from that region he was looking around for similar wines from other parts of the world. Grateful for your thoughts.


Sticking with NZ, Greywacke do a very good version around that price and Felton Road’s Bannockburn isn’t that much of a step up in cost


Thank you. I’ll have a look at those.


This is excellent .


I have very much enjoyed an earlier vintage of

It’s pretty rich and heavy compared to many PNs, and darker coloured, so not so good if you want a light pinot, but I will certainly buy it again and expect to like it again.


Thank you - I had clocked this and noticed your sparkling review. I might grab a bottle or two for myself as I’m a big fan of Chilean wine.


Ooh I like this producer very much. If my friend opted for this he’d certainly be saving himself a pound or two. Thank you.


I’m with @Andy999 on this one. Very enjoyable, and a bit more European in style than your average Chilean PN. Great value at this price!