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Red Burgundy Pinot Noir alternative



I recently paid £26 for it. But it’s worth it :slight_smile:


26?! Clearly going the way of Occhipinti Frappato…

Bloody hell. Better get a case in… or with the way the British peso is going, maybe not :frowning:


I won’t be surprised if you could get it for a bit less, so closer to £20. I got mine from a local wine cellar that is known for its inflated prices. But I couldn’t not buy it, seeing as it’s not that easy to get hold of.


I’d love to see the WS stock more Niepoort of all descriptions. A non-fortified douro red of theirs is my red of the year so far, and currently got a ruby dum port on the go which is gorgeous. Very curious to try the Niepoort-Navazos as well, essentially an unfortified sherry


Agreed! I love his stuff. His entry level ‘Drink me’ tinto and branco show what you can achieve with an ‘entry’ level wine, if you know what you’re doing. Like you, I wish The Society stocked more of his wines - of all price levels (his Concisco Dao is another gorgeous red, albeit much more expensive).


I have bought the Mad Fish Pinot and enjoyed this given its price…an interesting alternative.


I’m not a big fan of it. I find it quite bland and uninteresting really.


It’s funny, I very rarely drink red burgundy for price reasons, but this thread has made me realise that almost all my favourite red wines have in common being described as burgundy-esque or burgundy alternatives


I’d say the same for us. We rarely drink red Burgundy, and when we do - it’s usually at the lower price point, but our preference is definitely for the lighter, perfumed reds, with a good degree of acidity and mellow tannins. One of our favourites is varietal Cabernet Franc which - although not quite a red Burgundy ‘alternative’ - makes for a great red, with floral notes, lovely red fruit and lively acidity, so ticks our boxes nicely.


Public Service Broadcast - Received an email today regarding a pinot noir sale this Friday, starting at 5pm. 15-20% discount off all pinot noir here:

and here:

They are normally a bit expensive, but assuming the sale price has not already been applied, should bring the Kooyong Massale PN down to around £15/£16 depending on the final discount applied. There must be other relative bargains available too.

If the sale price has already been applied, then sorry to raise anyone’s hope unnecessarily, but goes to show what amazing value TWS already give us.


I started looking at alternatives to Red Burgundy and came across this (probably from a TWS post?). It’s got some excellent recommendations for alternatives. Haven’t yet checked if any of these are available through TWS.


Red Burgundy

You might be interested in this thread, which also has some very good suggestions:


Mure, Domaine des Muses, Kooyong, Ata Rangi, Felton Road, Seresin, Au Bon Climat, Domaine de la Côte, Sandhi, Betgstrom and Elk Cove I have seen at TWS before. Kistler is a very good shout… not sure it is an alternative pricewise though…


I’ve found the Crystallum Cuvee Cinema very ‘Burgundian’ as well, particularly with a bit of bottle age on them.


Yes, loved those, too.


A German (Pfalz) producer I recently discovered via a friend is Hanewald- Schwerdt. They make various expressions of PN at various price points. The 2013 ‘Kalkofen’ my friend served was ace!


Anyone.tried a drinkable Coteaux Bourgignon yet ?


Best Pinot alternative is IMO not Pinot at all :slight_smile: If you must have Pinot look at Slovenia.


Akitu A1 Pinot Noir from NZ is excellent stuff.

Not cheap, I’m not sure what it’s going for now (I think I paid about £30 per bottle) but fantastic value compared to an equivalent quality Burgundy.


I had a delightful Grivot 2013 about a year ago in a BBR sale for a tenner. Really lovely stuff and the wine was very much in the producer’s style. More likely to scratch a burgundy itch than a new world pinot for me.