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Red Burgundy Pinot Noir alternative



Hi all,

Owing to the very high cost of red Burgundy I wanted to get an idea of an alternative which is slightly better value.

I am in search of a Pinot Noir which is the same sort of style as Burgundy eg not an overly fruity wine but more towards structure.

I have tried the below already which I did enjoy:

I also had some of the Zarcillo quite a while back, but felt it was slightly too fruity for me:

I found the below french country Pinot Noir actually quite good and great value but lacked some complexity:

Unfortunatly the Bulgaria Soli seems to be out of stock but I am looking towards some other new world Pinot Noirs. We did have a VERY nice Chilean wine (Maycas del Limari San Julian) which had structure with some good fruit concentration and a well balanced wine - however its at Burgundy price.

This got me thinking, I know you can get a good Chilean Pinot noir so thought I would have a look around at the current range, anyone tried any of these?:

Or indeed a NZ Pinot?

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If you want alternative… I would go Spatburgunder. These two are listed by TWS, I have not tried them yet. I found that German Pinots I have tasted have been closest to what you get in Burgundy.


Can’t believe I missed them off the list, saying that, I could get a Sylvain Pataille for slightly less as well as quite a few other Pinot Noir:

Think I am going to search out some new world alternatives first, if not I think some of the German wines might be a really good alternative though being cool climate.


I was going to suggest Germany too, though I’ve not tried them. In fact I was going to suggest them as possible ideas for your other thread: Wine for Easter

I enjoyed the Soli from Bulgaria - hope we get that back in stock soon

I have had the Corte Marcelo and really enjoyed it, but in a more New World, fruit-driven style.

The Pinots most “like Burgundy” (if that can be said) that I remember having are from New Zealand’s North Island - from places such as Martinborough.

Have you had this:


May also be worth checking out cooler climate pinot noirs from the USA? The WS doesn’t have a huge selection, and the prices may be a little higher than you’d want but Willamette Vallyey wines are good. For example…

I seem to remember the WS did Washington State pinot noir in the past but I can’t see any on the site currently.


That’s true, but you will not get a village level Burgundy for the price…

Thanks for starting this thread as it made me look at Spatburgunder and feel a strong urge now to get a bottle of the Stodden.


Added a few spatburgunders from tws’s selection! Good spots!


This for me all the way, full of character and complexity (considering the price):


On the keenly priced front, I think these are all good options:
Soli PN (and the step up version called Eduardo Miroglio) (Bulgaria);
Tabali Vetas Blancas Reserva (Chile);
Villa Wolf PN (Germany).

I particularly like the Soli, though there does seem to be quite a bit of bottle variation.


Sounds like non Diam white Burgundy!

I agree with the Soli though, its rather good, seems like there is a theme toward German Pinot Noirs!


Whilst i haven’t had this specific wine from Kooyong, I have had the Ferrous, which was delicious, savoury and complex. Mornington Peninsula makes for pretty good Pinot in general. This would probably be drinking well now.

Momo is the base wine from Seresin, but they seem to be shooting for more complexity, body and spice instead of the riper, fruitier style that tends to come out of Marlborough at a similar price range.


I’m a big fan of Kooyong. I had the '09 Haven a couple of years ago and it was sensational. As it should be for that money, of course, but Burgundy has let me down at that price point before - and that’s a serious bummer. Got a couple of the 2012s in the garage, waiting for a good moment.

Their entry-level (still, er, £20) Massale is excellent as well. Oh, and so is the chardonnay!


I don’t think I have ever found a Pinot Noir that came remotely close to even the most basic of red burgundies from the Beaune area. Closest but a long way back was Pinot Noir Puy de Dome, Cave Saint Verny, 2015. I take a months holiday every summer around Pommard and have made friends with a few producers and the Nuiton Beaunoy Cooperative and bring back a Boot full of wine costing from €8 to €50 per bottle. THIS is the way to get bargains, good value, learn lots, and have a 12 months supply of the real thing!


I agree and this matches an approach I take. I’ve also found Nuiton Beaunoy wines fairly widely available across France. Just last week I was drinking their Cote de Nuits-Villages which I picked up last summer for <15 euros if I remember correctly.

For a boot full, it’s almost worth making a special trip :grinning:


I really like the Koyle Costa Pinot. Probably my favourite of the more reasonably priced PNs in the range. Not sure it’s terribly Burgundian in flavour profile but it’s not as fruity as most Chilean pinots tend to be.


Silly question, but what about

Authentic and you won’t find an abundance of fruit :slight_smile:


It’s very rewarding to visit the NB Cave on the outskirts of Beaune, but my individual producer favourites are Michel Rebourgeon in Pommard and Francois Gaunoux in Meursault though the FG wines are sold in a small roadside brasserie outside Volnay. Ask for Fred! :joy::+1::rose:


I really like the Blind Spot Yarra Valley, esp for the price. It’s light, so if that’s the style you’re looking for then it’s worth a go.

For something fuller, the Exhibition Central Otago does it for me.

Toby was pretty forthright in his AMA about Burgundy being Burgundy. My thoughts on the subject are to look for the qualities you find enjoyable and look for them, rather than a Burg-a-like. I tasted quite a few wines “in the Burgundian style” on a tour of wineries in California and could never quite wrap my palate around the comparison beyond a sales pitch aimed at people looking for Burgundy without the price tag.

My preference is for lighter or earthier PN, and I’m not fond of really ripe fruit flavours on their own without
some sort of balance, so maybe the below will work for you


I have always enjoyed this from Chile https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=CE9571

Sadly my hands down favourite is not currently available - the Martin Wassmer Spätburgunder, which seemed to me to combine the best bits of New World flavour and Burgundian layers. I am hoping there will be a new vintage available soon.


Another vote for Germany. Long since gone, but this was fabulous and if anything similar comes along, grab it: