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RECRUITING: Tastings Ambassadors Spring '19 (Leicester, Harrogate, Bath)


Hi everyone,

This is the first recruitment topic for the new Get Involved category - and it’s a good’un!

Our lovely Tastings team covers all four corners of the UK each year, but we don’t get to visit some areas as often as we’d like. So we’d like to make the most of our regional events and also make sure we have good representation of members all over the country here on The Community by allowing you to become a ‘Tastings Ambassador’ at certain events!

We’ll be enlisting your help in a similar way to the Press tastings, where we’ll offer any opportunities here, and ask for volunteers. Then we’ll pick a name out of a hat.

As with the Press Tastings, all you’ll need to do is:

  • Check you’re free on the date of the event
  • Be able to make your own way to the venue
  • Be willing to write up your thoughts about the wines tasted and share them with the Community

The first three events are:

Weds 8th May - HARROGATE:Pick Of The Bunch’ Walkaround: The Wines Of South Africa And The Loire

Tuesday 14th May - LEICESTER: Exploring The Languedoc-Roussillon

Monday 3rd June - BATH: New Zealand Growers Walkaround

Register your interest/availability by commenting below and we’ll choose an Ambassador to attend each of these events soon! :smiley:


This is wonderful @laura. Just a side note, I think there may be a technical glitch in viewing the original post you put up a few days ago. I saw it appear, liked it and then it disappeared. I couldn’t find it anywhere and it doesn’t come up when searching for latest or unread etc… I hadn’t seen that it was listed under “Get involved” , it may be something to have a look at.


Sounds fantastic! What a great idea to get people involved :+1::heart_eyes:

I echo @Leah’s issue with the original post - it doesn’t seem to come up on the ‘latest’, and I also saw it appear - then do a disappearing act. In fact, I think I only saw the original one which only said something like “coming soon…” or something like that…? :thinking:


I think the original post may have included some events that were actually already sold out hence its disappearance and subsequent return.

@laura and I have been in discussion for some time about how we can generate more community involvement surrounding the Tastings and Events programme so hopefully this will help, but if anyone has any other suggestions please do let us know.


Great idea! Hoping to see some more regional tastings again too.


Thanks @leah and @Inbar - not sure why the Get Involved topic is going walkies…! I’ve added a topic to the Announcements category to make sure everyone sees this. :smiley:


Great idea - keen on the Bath event!


I’m around for the Harrogate event. I’m not completely au fait with South African wines but have absolutely no problem forming an opinion.


Looks like we have a couple of volunteers so far - anyone around Leicester way fancy signing up for the tutored tasting, above? :smiley:


@laura I’ll check the diary - am sure I could make the Leicester event if no-one local is available; if you do have a Leicester resident interested give them priority. Will reply early next week to confirm in the meantime.


I’d be interested in the Leicester event but not sure if I’m too late! :disappointed:


Oops I need to rescind my offer! Parents evening! Sorry!


Well I’d love to be able to go to the Harrogate Event if it’s not too late!


I would be available for the Harrogate event and would love to get involved, especially as it involves South Africa, their wines are always special to me after spending time there


I might be able to do the Leicester event ( if you still need a volunteer) - it isn’t that far away from us (30 miles or so) but the public transport connections are rubbish. Last train back from Leicester is just after 9pm so would need to dash off promptly at the end.

Let me know @laura


Hey Laura.

I’m from Leicester, so I’d be more than happy to attend!

I even got married in the same venue last year, so I know it quite well :grinning:


Hi everyone!

It’s time to pick our first two ambassadors! :smiley:

We put your names in a hat and the lovely Jo and Amy from our Marketing department picked out names at random, and the lucky members are:

Harrogate, 8th May

@Jo_Baxter! Congrats!

Leicester, 14th May

@Lincoln! Congrats!

I’ll get our Tastings team to contact you both with further details. :smiley:

I’ll keep the Bath event open for one more week, see the original post for details - we have one volunteer so far but this is your last chance to put your hand up!


Congratulations guys. Have a great time at the events. :clap:


Really pleased - looking forward to it! Thanks


Thanks @laura - and apologies for not replying sooner. I’ve been travelling on business and only just picked up the messages!