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Recommended storage Temperature for Sauternes


I’v just acquired 2 half bottles of Chateau Rabaud Promis Sauternes (premier grand cru) 2009.

Is it safe to store this at room temperature until I need to chill it before drinking or should I just keep it in the fridge anyway?




I would keep it in a wine fridge - if you have one; if not, then somewhere dark and cool(ish) would be just fine, as long as it’s not somewhere where temperature fluctuates widely.
Lucky you! :+1::wink:


Thank you.

This is my first Sauternes to be honest.

I believe this is made with Semillon gapes amongst others and have had noble rot to enhance their flavour.

Look forward to trying with some blue cheeses. Served at 8c .



Hi Rich, I would agree with @inbar , in a wine fridge if you have one set at btwn 10-12C. If not In a dark , vibration and light free room .


The temperature range will be much the same as a Riesling BA or TBA, 45’ - 60’ is fine and even a bit higher if you are not keeping it that long, apart from extreme heat a slightly higher temperature will only speed up the ageing process it will not harm the wine.


Ideally a wine fridge to store it (mine is set to 12C), but a cool dry place away from direct sunlight would be fine. A higher storage temperature will mean that the wine does age slightly quicker than at a cooler temperature, main thing is to keep the temperature consistent wherever it is stored.


Hi Rich,

Should never store wine in a general fridge - they are too cold and too “dry” and the vibration levels are quite high - a week is probably as long as you want to go

If you don’t have a specialist wine fridge, choose some where as close to 10 to 12 deg as you can but most important is avoid temperature fluctuation - this means garages aren’t always the best as in winter they can get very cold and summer they can get very hot - they can even vary over 10deg in one day.

Hope that helps…and most importantly - enjoy the wine !


Basically follow advice usually given for any wine. In my opinion, unless you are planning on storing for many years, any coolish (avoid proximity to direct sources of heat) and dark place will be fine.

For Sauternes, I would pay particular attentiion to the DARK bit of the advice. Sauternes bottles have clear glass, so the contents are particularly vulnerable to lightstrike.


Thank you for all your advice.

Just ordered one of these bad boys. It has dual temperature zones. Anyone else bough from this company ?


Yup, I bought a ~60 bottle mQuvee wine fridge from them last year. Found the service to be pretty good, and have had no problems with the fridge. Had a temperature and humidity sensor in it for a while, and it seemed to be performing very well, although tended to be ~1 degree higher on the sensor than on the fridge’s own readout - although I also have Liebherr that performs in a similar fashion, but not a problem as they do hold the temperature pretty steady.



What humidity/temperature sensor would you recommend for this?



I think they are pretty accurate, so you probably don’t need one, but since I already had one of these I stuck it inside when I first got the fridge to check:



i’m Seeing ideal storage humidity of around 50-75%. Is this correct?


Yup, I think so. Anything above 50% relative humidity should be fine. I think my mQuvee sits at around 50-60% humidity, although I did take the small water container out to make room for more wine, and could probably increase the humidity a little if I put it back in. On the other hand the Liebherr runs close to 80%, which could start to have a bit of a damaging effect on the labels if I keep things in there for too long (though as Im not planning on selling any of the wines stored at home, im not too worried by that)


I have never had any problems with any decent botrytis wines that I have kept up to 15 years, when I first got the wine bug, despite the fact they live in the cupboard under the stairs (coolest,darkest part of a terraced house.)

The Rabaud Promis looks like a cracker I missed out on.


Looked up the vintage info on the 2009 . Seems ive got a great one.



Got mine from Vivino. Think its still available