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Recommended books about wine for Xmas

I’m looking for some gift ideas. My son in law is a newish Wine Soc member and I would like to buy him a book to kindle his interest. Do you have any recommendations for books about wine in general or even wine related travel or non-fiction books? Must be a good read and not just a book for the smallest room!


Ignore his TV personality from Food&Drink et cetera and have a look at

Which is an easily accessible and enjoyable read.


One of my favourite wine books! :+1:


A rather obvious choice here…


I’ve not finished this yet, but very much enjoying it.

Definitely a good read, I’ve learned loads about Portugal as well as its wine.


Another Oz Clarke suggestion here, especially if your SiL is just starting to develop an interest in wines:

I personally LOVE Oz’s writing style - it’s very conversational and never patronising. And he knows his stuff! I’ve got all his books, and still dip into them from time to time.


If it wasn’t for Oz I’d probably still be drinking Special Brew :grimacing:


Hey @DocMartin ! I asked around to a couple people here at TWS and I got some lovely recommendations that might hopefully help. :blush:

Like some suggested, the ‘World Atlas of Wine’, ‘The Oxford Companion to Wine’ and ‘The History of Wine in 100 Bottles’ are quite good books for a beginner.

‘The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste: A Field Guide to the Great Wines of Europe’
by Rajat Parr and Jordan Mackay. A nice resource to dip in and out of with some beautiful photography and good insights.

'Wine Grapes. ’ by Dr. José Vouillamoz, Jancis Robinson, and Julia Harding. A huge reference work but one that’s very readable and super interesting - very easy to get lost in.

If your son in law is into history, perhaps he might enjoy the Wine and War book.

Yesterday I spent a while in our library here at TWS and I got myself a nice book to learn a bit more about the different grape varieties - quite a good book for a beginner, I must say.


I’ve a feeling this will be a controversial suggestion for some but I read Jay McInerney’s Hedonist in the Cellar in the early days of my wine interest and thought it was entertaining, eloquent about the pleasures of drinking and erudite, at least for a relative novice like me. And his anecdote about correctly identifying Haut Brion 1982 blind at a dinner in honour of his birthday (some friends he has!) is worth the entry price alone.



And I would add to this that even the previous editions are worth pursuing, if only to track the evolution over the years. It’s a history lesson.


Jay is a great wine author. One of my favourites from the US (along with Kermit Lynch and Neal Rosenthal).

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Indeed, I have a copy of the 2nd edition published in 1977 and it’s fascinating to see how the world of wine has changed since. Fashions too as there was far more emphasis on fortified wines back then.

This quote from it just raised a smile ‘North-west Spain is largely cider country but Ribeiro, Valdeorras and Valle de Monterey make green wine like the Portuguese speciality’.


I’m really enjoying

Cork Dork

at the moment. A very objective view of wine by someone who seems to not have had a passion for it until shortly before writing this book. Almost like some kind of undercover journalism.

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For the Bordeaux lover out there it’s very hard to look past this absolute masterpiece



I’m looking forward to this which I suggested to my partner may be a good present for me.

The Noble Rot Book: Wine from Another Galaxy The Noble Rot Book: Wine from Another Galaxy: Amazon.co.uk: Dan Keeling, Mark Andrew: 9781787132719: Books

Always meant to buy the magazine but never got round to it.


I just did the same as has been recommended to me previously

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