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Recommended 40 year old red wine?

Sorry yes I should have made it clear my 1981 experience was half a case of Vina Real Reserva rather than the Imperial. But I would pay handsomely for either! Superb wines both I’m sure. I found the perfume was best right on opening - not a wine to be decanted other than for the sediment just before pouring


Not the friendliest in my experience. £500 min order. They’re a broker rather than a merchant so stuff can take a looooong time. Maybe worth an email though.

FRW who I have bought from a lot have a fair selection of 1981s on their books. They too are a broker but their minimum order value is theoretically £200. That said, I have made orders less than this many times and will happily pass on the details of the wonderful person who looks after me there.

@Mills if you do go with CRS and need to meet the minimum order I’m sure I can find something on the list i’d go fo and we can split.


I would suggest brandy or armagnac as well as port.

A bottle of that may last more than one evening.

Did you manage to make any sense of the recommendations and move forward?