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Recommendations - Saumur and Tours


Me and the other half will be spending some time in the Loire in April. We’ll be based part of the time in Tours and part in Saumur. Obviously we’re planning a number of vineyard and winery visits, but I’ve never stayed in either cities – so wonder if people have recommendation for good places to eat/drink in either?

If you had a particularly enjoyable visit to a winery in Vouvray, Chinon, Bourgueil or Saumur Champigny - would love to know too.

Thanks in advance for any tips! :+1: :grin:


Think I’ve told you this before but the winery where this is made is worth a look (Chinon):

Also we had an amazing tour round this winery, fantastic wines tasted. Not sure if you are supposed to book, we went with some locals that @JamesE picked up from a rather suspect forum.


Both places had great wine for sale and very reasonably-priced older vintages



Haven’t stayed in Tours for a long time so no recommendations

nearby - http://www.lemoulinbleu.fr - good lunchtime break to B and St NdB visits (good wine list)

http://www.chateaudecoulaine.com - out of Chinon on the way to Bougueil - Les Picasse with a bit of age is one of my all-time favs

https://www.aubertjeanclaudeetdidier.com/producteur-recoltant-vins-vouvray - havent visited for 10 years ! but had a bottle of their 2006 Moelleux at the weekend

https://www.yannickamirault.fr - top St N de B and B producer

In Saumur do the run of sparkles producers - in st Hilaire you have Bouvet Ladubay, Langlois Chateaux, Veuve Amiot and in town Louis D’Grenelle - all have their plus points but the first 3 are all within walking distance of each other

https://www.coulydutheil-chinon.com/grand-vin/ - go to the place in town not up by the castle


Thanks, @Brocklehurstj! I have, indeed, saved your notes from a previous exchange on this very subject :smile:

We really like the wines of Domaine de la Noblaie (their white Chenin is great too!), so they are definitely on our list. Will look into the Domaine de la Chevalerie too! Thank you! :+1:


Wonderful stuff! Thank you so much! :+1:

Amirault is definitely on the list, so good to hear you rate it. Same with Couly-Dutheil - one of our favourites- so thanks for the tip about the specific location. Hoping to snap a photo of Clos de l’Echo at some point :smiley:


forgot - https://www.fredericmabileau.com/?page_id=9

also, we always email in advance for an appointment - with the exception of the sparkles producers in Saumur and Couly …they have commercial teams


We’ve been in Tour/ Saumur the past 3 years running and they are both great places to visit.
Wine aside, make sure you visit The chateaus in both Chinon and Saumur. they are stunning and the views are wonderful.
Tour is a great medieval town and I can highly recommend this bar my friend used to own:

The street it is located on has an array of restaurants and bars, head further down to place de Plumeau and there is an Asian fusion restaurant with fantastic food, sit outside if the weather is good.
The cathedrals are amazing in Tour so definitely go have a look and theyre free.
On a Sunday quite often Tour is turned into a mass market with centre of the town completely pedestrianised, don’t be put off by the abundance of army and police, they are just very security conscious.
I would second @JamesF recommendations for both Ladubay and Langlois. The toyr is pretty basic at Langlois but they will literally allow you to taste everything and as James said are literally all on the same street.
Again Couly dutheil is also worth a visit and if you have time Chateau de Chenonnceaux who also have a cellar .


Chidaine in Montlouis (they have a shop in Montlouis selling their and other producers wines). Chateau de Villeneuve and Hureau both near Saumur well worth a visit. Huet in Vouvray (though I haven’t visited recently due to the issues they had with Jim Budd and Chris Kissack).


This sound fab! as are you other recommendations - thanks so much! We’re definitely planning to see some of the cultural gems, beyond just viticulture… sounds like there’s plenty to do!

Will feel like my (old) home! :wink:


Definitely on my list (time permitting) - and yes! that debacle was rather ugly. :roll_eyes:


Members of TWS get a discount on purchases at Gratien & Meyer if one mentions that one is a member. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oooh! Good to know :smiley:


I’ll be paying a visit to the Domaine des Roches Neuves, Saumur Champigny around mid-March. I’ll be happy to report back!


Please do! :grinning:


Based on a trip last May:
Huet, yes of course you must go, but however good the wines (and welcoming the showroom, and I do mean “showroom”) the price differential is getting beyond what I can easily tolerate.
For a complete contrast, not much more than 5 minutes away, Jean Claude & Didier Aubert, 10 rue de la Vallée Coquette to stock up on every day Vouvrays.
Saumur: Filliatreau

I had just tried one of TWS Cady sweet wines when we went:

Domaine Cady, 20 Valette, 49190 Val-du-Layon
Not just good moelleux, but pleasant simple white and red


If you have access to transport then it’s also worth considering heading west out of Saumur (approx 15km?). Particularly if you’re a fan of Coteaux du Layon sweet wines?

Bonnezeaux, Chaume and Quarts de Charme are the specific AOCs and several producers appear to sell at the cellar door.

Others have mentioned Langlois Chateau and they do a very nice Coteaux du Layon if you can’t drive out to specific producers.


That’s exactly what worries me… going to a winery where I know I’m going to enjoy the wines, but not quite so sure I can afford what I actually want. I’ll definitely make a note of the other Vouvray producer you mentioned. Thank you :slight_smile:


and if you do head that way, head here
https://www.thewinesociety.com/grower-profile-yves-guegniard-loire. http://www.domainebergerie.fr/en/

they have a lovely little restaurant attached - ate there last easter :slight_smile:


I would second @SPmember’s recommendation for https://www.domaine-filliatreau.com/ for Saumur Champigny. Their Veilles Vignes is the wine that started our love affair with Loire Cabernet Franc.

For Chinon we would recommend https://chinonlambertbio.com/ Beatrice & Pascal Lambert. We had one of their reds (Les puits danae 2012) in a restaurant and were so taken with it we visited their winery the next morning to taste and buy a range of their reds and whites. Not much English spoken as I recall but very friendly if surprised to greet four English holiday makers.

Last summer we popped into the wine coop in Vouvray on a Sunday morning to fill up the last nooks and crannies in the car before returning home. Good selection, friendly people and scrumptious sparkles.


Love the Coulydutheil Les Chanteaux white!