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Recommendations for great Merlot


I know that Merlot is not a very popular grape variety - especially since the SIdeways move - but most recently I have been enjoying quite a few Merlot’s, in particular from the Ontario region. Back on the European continent, I am looking for recommendations on some good Merlot’s in the sub 20 GBP range.

I know its a key blending grape in Bordeaux but not sure who in particular does pure Merlot.


Chateau Petrus?


This one has good reviews. Mr Jaykay likes it a lot, and I think it is pretty good too.


Please let me know where you get your hands on Petrus at £20 or under!


We don’t drink much single varietal Merlot, but my favourites over the years have been ones from Alto Adige - fruity yet nothing jammy or over-extracted about them.

Cesconi’s Pivier is delicious, and they also use Merlot in a blend called ‘Moratel’, which I adore (blended with Lagrein, Teroldego and Cab Sauv). Franz Haas does excellent Merlot too, but not sure where you’d buy it in this country.

Shame TWS doesn’t stock these - or much from Alto Adige for that matter.


I used to like Cono Sur 20 Barrels Merlot but haven’t seen it on sale anywhere for several years, not sure why.



Depends how pure you want it…

I’ve tried the white by this producer, which was very nice. This is in the basket for my next order, Merlot heavy but not 100%.


Had the 2005 until recently. Very savoury.


I’ve got this Merlot (blend) coming in my January order:

Had Vina Laguna’s white before (Malvazija Istria), which I liked very much, to hoping the red is as good.


Sadly, not in the sub 20 GBP range though!


Trefethen merlot. I’m not too sure how much it costs ‘normally’, but I got some from M&S during a silly sale for £14/bottle. It was fab. 2014 vintage. I think WS have stocked their cab sav in the past.


This is pretty smart I thought. Quite a serious, structured style but still with plenty of new world fruit



I rarely drink Merlot univarietal wines but do see quite a few Italian ones at Italian restaurants and Italian suppliers. Generally they are good value and well under GBP 20.

The only time I do ask for Merlot is when I am in Ticino drinking Merlot Bianco, quite possibly a wine that does not have much availability here.


The fantastic (if expensive) Alpine Wines sell them - they also sell some lovely red ones from Ticino:

Alpine Wines are a great source for wines from Alpine regions, including Swiss wines, that are difficult to find in the UK :+1:


Ooooh, thank you. Great site. Just as I’ve made both WS and Vinissimus orders. My poor bank balance!


Best one I’ve tried is Chile Terrounyo Lot 1 (from WS @ £22). I’ve put a review up some time ago. Really interesting wine - very layered.


This is a good property and a very good year, and under a tenner:

So I’d say it would be a great bet for decent, relatively anyday merlot - and the reviews aren’t bad either! This has reminded me I really should give merlot a revisit…


Another Chilean from L’Apostolle who make some great wines. Had this years ago and enjoyed


The white they do is absolutely fantastic. I found the Caractère ok but not massively exciting, but they have another cuvee ‘Nectar’ which I have a magnum of but not yet tried - I seem to recall it on the TWS list sometime though, but perhaps this was just in the EP?