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Recommendation please! - Gruner Veltliner


This is a grape I haven’t really investigated much, but I really enjoyed a glass at a restaurant recently with mullet as part of a tasting menu. I’m not looking to spend a fortune, but has anyone had a particularly good one for less than £15?

As an aside, the restaurant was etch in Hove, and was absolutely fantastic!

Grüner Veltliner


I love gruner veltliner (particularly enjoyed drinking rather a lot of it when visiting Vienna a few years ago) but I haven’t explored that many of them. I did have the Pepp Weinviertel in a mixed case earlier this year and we were really impressed by how fresh and complex it was:

I’ve got one bottle left actually - might open it this week now you’ve mentioned it, and see if I can give more up-to-date tasting notes about it. :slight_smile:

That restaurant looks fascinating - looks like they only do a tasting menu, rather than an a la carte, and that it changes monthly? Not sure I’d be able to resist going every month…


Hi Laura - thanks for the Pepp tip! I think I might have had a previous vintage of that in one of my very first TWS orders a few years ago, but I have no idea now what I thought of it. I’m putting together an order now so I’ve got the South African wines in for next week’s tasting, and will add one in…

The only thing putting us off eating at etch every month is the cost. We had the 8 course tasting menu with wine flight and it was about £250 all in. I don’t think it was overpriced, but still a fair bit more than we’d usually chuck at a dinner! For a special occasion though, we would definitely go back!


I am sure that most Austrian gruner veltliner will TWS lists will be satisfying in your price bracket and most will actually fall inside it. I have not tasted the ones on offer, but if I had to try I would probably go for a Wachau example rather than Weinviertel. It is usually smaller scale production with the vines made to work harder on the steeper slopes.


Thanks for the tip, Akos. I found this one that I’ll add to the wish list:


I’ve not tasted it personally (though highly tempted to now) but the Exhibition GV (or GruVee) is made by a firm favourite winmaker, Willi Bründlmayer - could be worth benchmarking with too:

I love GV myself and have just realised it has been far too long since I tasted some. I got distracted by trying to learn more about Austrian red wines for a while (e.g. Blaufrankisch)


I’d spotted the Exhibition GruVee online and figured it would be worth a go. Good to hear that this is from a winemaker you know and trust - I’ll definitely add this one to the list. Thanks!


@Bargainbob I am an unapologetic, borderline demented GV advocate. I wrote this about the 2015 Exhibition GV:

“I rarely give any wine - or any product for that matter - the highest possible rating, but the Society’s Exhibition Grüner Veltliner is such an outstanding example of its type (and consistently so, across the vintages), that it deserves special mention. Its purity, precision and vibrant intensity is so refreshing and enjoyable, it can’t fail to please. It is highly versatile - as an aperitif or with food (wonderful with seafood, or cheeses, even) - and possesses a delightfully racy, zingy acidity as well as impeccable structure and poise. I go back to this time and time again and absolutely everyone loves it. Fabulous value at £12.50 - incredible. One of the best bottles in the entire Exhibition range - that’s quite an achievement.”

The current vintage is a somewhat steeper £13.95 but I can vouch for its value. Bloody marvellous mate - Willi Bründlmayer is a genius.

The more affordable Society label GV is also very good (in fact hugely popular - a bestseller) but in my view not quite as outstanding as the Exhibition, and not as good value either.

If you don’t want to spend more than a tenner I really enthusiastically recommend this one:

And if you want killer quality, try this one for £22 (not cheap, but ooooooooh so good):


I knew I should have waited for more recommendations before placing my order :disappointed: I’m sure I’ll enjoy the Pepp, and I’m still looking forward to its arrival, but after such a glowing write-up I’m now yearning for the Exhibition GV! I’ve just put a bottle in my basket for the next order, along with the Rainer Wess Wachauer. ‘Der Ott’ could well feature in my Christmas basket if I become smitten…

Thanks again to @ricard @Laura @szaki1974 @robert_mcintosh for the tips!


Do tell us what you think of the wines you have ordered. What I love best about it - apart from its intrinsic precision and vibrancy - is its versatility. I shines in so many contexts, complements such a broad variety of foods, and is appropriate in every season of the year. There are few wines you can say that about.


The Society’s Exhibition GV is s particularly good example and under £15.


To everybody who recommended the Exhibition Gruner - you were absolutely right. That is a beautiful wine! A definite re-order. Thanks for the recommendation guys!


Personally, I wasn’t at all disappointed with the Exhibition GV, but I actually prefer the standard own label offering.


Sorry @Bargainbob that I am using this old topic…

I just saw this Gruner Veltliner recommended by Olly Smith (on twitter to be clear)

Looks very interesting from a small winery, at relatively low alcohol and a 6 year recommended drinking window.

They have quite a range of wines, but only this one stocked by TWS.



Thanks for the tip, @szaki1974! I’m also always on the lookout for an interesting Gruner.
Speaking of which, this one wowed me at the press tasting:

It’s not cheap, but it was very complex, with a distinct malo on the nose, and a lovely texture on the palate. I remember it had a very long finish - all in all it felt weightier than a usual example of Gruner. It’s going in my next order for sure.


Yeah, this one’s heading for my wish list as well. I also saw the review on Twitter - as much as I enjoy Olly Smith, even he couldn’t get me reading that publication.

I’m not surprised you were wowed by that GV, @Inbar - another Willy Brundlmayer creation, and I suspect that man is a genius. He’s behind the Exhibition Gruner as well, which is a fantastic wine. I need to get some more of that now I think of it.


Ah! You learn something new every day! I didn’t realise he’s behind the Exhibition GV- I’m yet to try it. Oh, the bulging wish list…


Waitrose Gruner Veltliner Niederosterreich 2017 has won a Gold medal at 96 points in the latest Decanter awards at £7.99.

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