Recommendation on wine fridge


I am searching for a new wine fridge, 150-200 bottles, single temp, at around GBP 1,500. With that price, Eurocave is off.

I have already shortlisted these Liebherr and Swisscave ones, sold at Elite Fridges:

Any comments or recommendations on those brands, or on any other brand?

Thanks you very much!

I treated myself to a Swisscave in the spring. It was the model up from the one shown. Single temperature as I have a small capacity dual temp built into the kitchen.

Holds c200 bottles in theory. But as many people have said on other fridge threads on this site, the capacity quoted is for Bordeaux bottles. Once you start storing any other bottle size the capacity drops significantly.

That said the service from Elite was very good. The delivery, 2 man, was in to my garage, installed and all packaging removed and taken away.

I’ve been pleased with the product but clearly have only had it for a matter of months. My only recommendation would be to get as big a unit in capacity terms as you can afford.

Have a look at the Climadiff range:

I’ve had one of these for 6 years and it’s very satisfactory. I would echo the above comment regarding capacity, in fact I find it better not to ram-jam fill it; it;s easier to access bottles at the back of shelves if there’s some free space. And if you store a wide range of wines do keep a note of where they all are in the cabinet !


I have had 2 Liebherr cabinets for a number of years. Would thoroughly recommend. Beware that you will soon fill a cabinet :grinning: There are a number of threads on here about wine fridges/cabinets.

I have a mquvee wine expert cooler. Dual zone and very pleased with it

I have a climadiff as well. Very pleased it’s in the garage and stay at 12 deg even in this weather.

I’d say that you should get the biggest you can as the capacity stated is never achieved and you will buy more wine than you can possibly imagine.

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I have the Liebherr and it has been fine for the past 18 months or so. I would recommend it.

I’ve had a Liebherr for about 12 years or more with no problems at all. Super reliable and good quality.
As everyone says, get the largest that fits the space because you will fill it. I use neck labels with the wine name and drinking range clearly written on them. Helps avoid ‘overdue’ bottles.
Personally, I could do with at least another one for the wine that’s in boxes around the house. It might just be me, but in this heatwave, I have idly thought about taking out all the wine and shelves before chilling out in it for an hour, especially when it’s been especially hot… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :upside_down_face:


Fill your boots, there are plenty of threads already dedicated to this subject. Have a read.

Thank you very much for all your comments.
My wife and I currently have one bought back in Argentina, which we like very much. It holds 120 bottles, but its capacity has already been surpassed. Therefore, we truly agree with the assessments on the need of a wine fridge that is big enough!
I will look closely at the other threads and will report on our final decision.
Thanks again to everybody!


Liebherr is the top German brand that you can get in refrigeration. They also make fridges for other high-end domestic appliance makers: e.g. I believe that Miele (which is tops for any appliance involving water: washing machines, dishwashers…) gets some of its more expensive fridges from Liebherr.

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