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Recommend a sweet wine

If you want a good value option and are not limited to TWS I think the Rustenberg Straw Wine is a nice drink, and at 9.99 from Majestic on multi-buy it’s definitely worth a try.


On a lighter note, while not a dessert wine, I heartily recommend this

Easy summer evening drinking. Very quaffable.


Hattingley Valley do an Icewine (admittedly I think they freeze them!) called Entice which is very decent.

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You might enjoy this @matedw. Offered by Grand Mayne in Duras…

Moelleux 2017

Bright golden-yellow robe. Nose with notes of nuts and candied fruits (apricots) carried by freshness of citrus-zest aromas. A stunningly rich and complex dessert wine with enough acidity to brighten up the palate. Made from hand picked grapes harvested late in the year which have benefited from Sauternes style noble rot. The French drink it with foie gras but it’s also great with all sorts of puds or just on its own!


From Vineyards Direct have the “Declassified Yquem” in stock again

https://www.fromvineyardsdirect.com/declassified-wine/sauternes-2017-half.htm if anyone is interested.


Taking a look at which Bordeaux Sweet wines are currently on offer.
I only buy these wines in halves, as very often for a dinner party one is sufficient; but if required another can be a top-up.
I note that the:
Is currently out of stock, but due in on 20/9/2021.
This bottle would appear to be the Chateau Cantegril which Vinous awarded 93-94/100 ave.
At £10.50 per half bottle, this is Bargain of the Century territory!! :open_mouth:
But why, OH WHY is the case quantity 24 halves??
To encourage sales, a 12 or even 6 half bottle case might bring more Members into the fold.
And looking at the Upper Echelon of the Bordeaux Sweeties on offer, a bottle of D’Yquem 2006 at £345 :open_mouth: :open_mouth:, some bottles of Climens in the £70/80 range, and so it goes.
Sauternes/Barsac is unfashionable - ably demonstrated by the Society being able to offer us a 12 x half bottles of Doisy Daene 2020 case for £148 IB.
£16 DP per half for a Vinous rated 95-96/100 average. That EP Offer is now HISTORY. :sob:
I do not remember the Cypres de Climens 2016 being offered in that years offer.
I did buy the 2015 and 2019 Cypres in halves, talk about fantastic quality Christmas presents!!
So, before the Festive Buying Frenzy gets underway, think about a few inexpensive sweet halves for your next order. They last forever, the Cantegril 2019 with that stupendous rating would be my choice, if I was unfamiliar with the style.
Please consider it, less than the price of a CdR!?!? :dragon:


You are not supposed to tell everyone about these. Leave them for those of us who know.


When I started building a wine cellar, it was the one’s who were prepared to share knowledge who helped me along the way.
I have a very deep gratitude to them and this is me repaying the debt. :dragon:


Thanks Taffy. I will pick a few up. I was only thinking today about finding a 750ml bottle of Sauternes with some age on it for a left-bank Bordeaux tasting our wine club is hosting at the end of October.

This thread is quite old so by way of an update the one we settled on for midweek action until now has been Tesco Finest Dessert Semillon which is by De Bortoli. Often on sale or in the buy six save 25% offer this is a marvellous sweetie for the money.


I tried the Floralis which I liked but she did not. You can’t win them all.

For more special occasions, I continue to buy 6 of Vin de Constance every year (I have from 2014) as well as Mullineux Straw Wine now and again. Possibly the boldest addition to the collection however has been the Mullineux Olerasay No 2 which is a solera straw wine comprised of vintages 2008-2019. Neal Martin scored it 100pts. I have three bottles of the 6000 or so released. Possibly one for Christmas as it was somewhat of a damp squib last year.

Here’s a really good article on it: Olerasay No 2: a South African sweet wine that is becoming one of the world’s greats – wineanorak.com


I did write up the Tesco Bertoli in a previous post. Class in a glass!!
But so is the Cantergril 2019. :wink: :dragon: