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Recommend a Member


Have you ever recommended a member?

One of the most amazing things I have discovered personally about the Society is that many of my friends are already members (and I hadn’t realised), and when you ask them how/why they joined, they invariably mention that they were given a recommendation by a friend or family member. I don’t think I recall ever hearing anyone mention it was because of any advertising they saw, … unless you include mentions of The Society wines in press reviews.

Did you know that there were occasional promotions where you could get a ‘thank you’ from The Society for doing this?

There is a campaign going on over the next few months where you have a chance of winning some prizes:

Does this make you more likely to recommend The Society to someone? Would you hold off mentioning it to get a chance of winning? Or is there something else that would encourage you to tell more people?


I thought I might briefly revive this thread since a new prize is on offer and I’d be keen to encourage you to not only ‘share the love’ of The Society, but also encourage your friends and family to join us in conversation here - it is a great way to get to know the Society and the list … and you can always share the bottle of Rioja Muga with them if you win