Recent Christmas Fine Wine leaflet

Hi all, we have recieved and viewed the fine wine leaflet, it has many items of interest. We also would have loved it to be edited by someone who didnt know so much about wine. We don’t.

At this time of the year, people are considering gatherings with either full dinners or nibbles of various themes. It would have been far better to see the food pairings for all the inetresting selections. Some members maybe like us, not experts, would have already ordered more wine, easily and not had to refer to the website description of all those on the printed pages.

We will still be ordering and am supposing we’ll do the research whilst ‘strictly’ is on!!


Welcome aboard, @Caroline-AD465. If you have specific questions about almost anything wine and food related, and a lot else besides, there will be plenty of people here willing to impart their experience and wisdom…


Some of these might be useful too

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Hello Caroline - Welcome to the community. I only opened my copy today, and I think I can sense where you’re coming from in that the fine wine list (perhaps especially at Christmas) is so full of delicious wines, it makes choosing for meals and parties very difficult without the food pairing guidance on the website. From my experience when I’d only just joined the society, I’d order what sounded good and to be honest, I rarely regretted my choices.

It is a publication that focuses on the ‘higher end’ wines which can be daunting if you don’t know a lot about wine, but that’s where the society is unique - if you don’t like a wine, they will refund you the cost as long as it’s in its drinking window. My suggestion is to trust your instincts and the description and buy accordingly - you won’t go far wrong and may make some wonderful discoveries.

Equally, there’s lots of suggestions in our ramblings for food pairings and even recipes - I hope you enjoy!


Hi @Caroline-AD465 and welcome. I second @VinoVeritas and @CCouzens words.
If you have a particular food you are serving or nibbles, pop your question on here and the collective wisedom of the community will be only too happy to help you .


Problem I had with the fine wine Christmas list is that a large % of the wines would absolutely ruin your Christmas dinner should you have one at the festive table this year. A lot of them would be great for Christmas 2027 + but not 22.


Such as …??

Thats a short question requiring a long answer. But to make my point, if I had any of the Rhone listed, and I do have a few of them in my cellar, I wouldn’t be opening them this Christmas. Especially not the Thalabert, Merlin, Sicamor, La Maison Bleue or the 2 Guigal wines.
Also I haven’t started on my 2016 Bordeaux yet apart from a couple of Ampelias and they were not ready.
The Chianti, a lot of them 2020, sound young as do the magnums.
What I found annoying was the misleading statement on the front cover stating ‘our best bottles for a Christmas to remember’. I think this Christmas would be never forgotten for drinking a load of high end wine which wasn’t ready to be drunk.


I’ve bought the Meyney it probably will be imfanticide

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It depends on your personal preference of course but it would be a bit young for my tastes and, being St Estephe, the tannins can be a bit ‘robust’ when young! :smiley:

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That or paedovinia.

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I’ve had a few Meyney 2016 (admittedly halves) over the last year. They were open for drinking, perhaps with something meaty and a good long decant first. Certainly not a tannic monster in my view!


Seconding @Nfrost00. I’ve had a 2016 Meyney already. It’s got a lot of years left in it, but with a bit of air, it’s also delicious now.


Oh that’s encouraging … I’ve drunk the CD-R vv Olivet which is on the Christmas list and thoroughly recommend


I’m really tempted to buy a couple - but the 15.5% really puts me off… unless of course it’s ‘in perfect balance’ and ‘light on its feet for a 15.5% wine’…?! Do convince me if you can :pray:

Yes it hides the strength very well …!!

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