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Reading Matters (for Christmas?)


These have landed on my desk:

Wine Reads by Jay McInerney, which I’m three essays into and very much enjoying.

And, Puligny-Montrachet: Journal of a Village in Burgundy by Simon Loftus, Second Edition (just published).

In the interests of full disclosure, my wife has had some involvement in the Loftus book, but I won’t let that spoil my enjoyment of it, and neither should you…


Do you know how much has changed between the first and second editions of Simon’s book? The original was an epiphany for me all those years ago.


If we’re talking Wine Reading, then I have just finished the splendid Kermit Lynch Book ‘Adventures on the Wine Route’… so much of it was almost prophetic! I’ve just started a big tome of Italian Grapes called ‘Italian Wines Unplugged Grape by Grape’:

Hope I have many more years to live, as this will take some time to process!

On the non-wine front, I have just re-read The Secret Garden, which had taken me right back to Primary school… it was the first book I ever read in English (abridged version, no doubt - ‘Broad Yorkshire’ would have been lost on us!), and fired up a life-long Anglophilia. A beautiful, and timely book! :+1: :grinning:


Very little; it’s been re-typeset and re-printed, with a one page preface by the author and a note which says he deleted a few appendices which are no longer relevant.


Thanks. Loftus-era Adnams were a wonderful company.


Got my copy of Puligny-Montrachet yesterday. Looking forward to it (I’ve haven’t read the first edition).


just added the PM book to my xmas list…hope Santa can get a copy !


It’s a shame it’s just a re-print+
I read the original when Adnams was a force in wine and very well thought of
as was Simon. The different communes of Burgundy would be well served with a new series, a la Ginestet books of the late 1980’s.


Last Christmas I was given the first volume of a two volume biography of Eamon De Valera
entitled De Valera Rise 1882-1932. I knew i was getting it because i had requested it .
I found it hard going because it is so detailed there are over 100 pages of notes at the end . I read 303 pages and expect to finish it by christmas. I wont be buying volume 2.


Don’t you want to know what happens at the end (does he get the girl? does Ireland unite?)? No spoilers please if anyone has read it…


Great thread. I love a wine book.

The new edition of the World Atlas of Wine is firmly on my Christmas list!



For whoever is buying, it was £20 at The Book People last week (I couldn’t wait for Christmas). £30 on Amazon.


That’s a bargain. Thank you for the tip.


I know the end its when Dev goes into Government. The Second volume is about his first and subsequent governments and his time as President. It includes the “Emergentcy” the second world war to the rest of us. An interesting piece is: at the start of war Ireland was neutral and did not have any access fuel. They shipped vast quatities of peat from the west using the canal system . In Phoenix park where the Áras an Uachtaráin (the house of the president ) is they had mountains of peat for heating . It was rationed.


I’ve been slowwwly ploughing through Lord Of The Rings since the summer. I think I last read it when I was about 14.

But I’m pretty sure I’m enjoying it more now, as a grown-up, than I did as a spotty teenager. Not sure what that means though … except that the spots cleared up.


I think it is probably because you have now seen the movies and are quite surprised how much more there is in the books.


Yeah, I think that’s part of it. When I was a kid, the only thing to watch was the old animated film … which was good, but incomplete.

I think also, as a teenager, I was just reading it for the battles and monsters and whatnot, whereas now I think I’m appreciating the bigger picture that he was trying to create with his mythology and how it all slots together. And the language is so deliciously archaic!