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Reading is not just for Christmas, but



Hermann Hesse! There’s a memory from my teenage years. Another must read when I was in my teens was Gormenghast/Titus Groan. That’s what the (self-delusional in my case having never been such) cool kids read rather than Lord of the Rings :-))


Started my 100 classic books before you die challenge on December 15. So far I have read, The Great Gatsby, On The Road, To Kill a Mockingbird & Catch 22. I am now a third of the way through Lolita. I am actually a bit disturbed about this book. The way the author writes it is like he is trying to get you on the subjects side. In one way I want to stop reading yet I keep going.


Got The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell for Christmas…read it in a day.

Very amusing, pithy and with some serious bits too.

I have been in his shop a few times, but fortunately not in the year covered here…Wigtown is the Scottish Hay on Wye…

Safe to say that Amazon is not his favourite company and that if his observations are true then there are some astonishingly rude customers around, though he seems to give as good as he gets!


This is what Lolita is partly famous (infamous?!) for - the narrator’s attempt to gain the reader’s empathy. A classic example of an unreliable narrator. I couldn’t finish it. In fact, I hated the book.


I know it quite well ! My Aunt and Uncle had a beautiful cottage there and I would visit whenever I was in the area for work . They’ve since moved to Carcassone :blush:.


Thanks @Inbar I had never came across book, author, or film before so had no idea that was the authors intention. I will finish the book abhorrent as it


I remember enjoying Lolita.

I’ve got 250 pages left of W&P. I’m loving it.


Just finished ‘Fire and Fury’ by Michael Woolf. I sincerely hope that much of it is made up (but fear it isn’t)…


II have now finished Lolita and have now moved onto Midnights Children by Salman Rushdie.


I know I’m going to be in a very small minority but I didn’t enjoy Midnights Children.