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Reading in Time of Coronavirus

Also apparently examples from Buon Vino and, closer to home for you, Solent Cellars (one of my favourite shops).

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Excellent! I was clearly not looking hard enough :laughing:

One of those is one of the ones I tried last year, which isn’t too surprising consider how little persan is planted.

But of course tastes very so YMMV

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Seen this on Twitter - Wines if Germany on promotion right now - £18 down from £30. Helpful for those currently studying?

(I couldn’t resist, but purely for interest’s sake)


Couple of books I highly recommend: both were featured on Radio 4 and are beautifully written.

image image

But this is a wine society, so Jefford’s book is essential reading (but I expect you have already read it) image


Thanks for the heads up!

Purchased in about 15 seconds of seeing this, thanks

You could try TWS:


Indeed! Realised a few days ago that Marcel was true to his word and 2 are already in basket… :+1:

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Thanks for the heads up.

My German Wine Guide / Atlas is now 25 years old and not particularly representative of the wines being produced presently so I’m looking forward to reading it. I have little doubt some additional costs will be incurred because of doing so though !

Interesting and unexpected from those two. I tried one of their jorrocksy Irish-hunting comedies a few years ago but couldn’t get through it.

Currently reading some old unread books like Coogan’s IRA and Roy Porter’s mammoth history of medicine (which really needs a large reading-desk to support it).

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Just finished Grape Expectations by Caro Feely.

The Feelys, a couple in their 30s with two young children, gave up their city jobs to buy a (very) run down house with a vineyard in Bergerac. This engaging and entertaining book tells of their first year.

At the end of the first year they have put into it all their money, blood (literally, husband Sean loses a finger to farm machinery) and their marriage almost collapses. But the finances don’t add up. They have no money left and can’t cover costs with income from their wine - especially when the Merlot won’t go through malolactic fermentation on time, and purchasers won’t pay an economic price.

So they put the winery up for sale……

I really liked the detail and especially the bureaucratic obstacles to running a winery in France, with seemingly weekly visits from one inspector or another.

What happens next?

(Spoiler - they are able to keep going on, which is the subject of the second book which I have just started.)

Available for Kindle for £1.99, as a paperback from the usual outlets or direct from the winery at €12 https://chateaufeely.com