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Rare wines - limit member purchases to one bottle?


It is my view that, given the massive increase in demand for sought-after bottles in recent years, purchases of such limited parcels should be limited to one (or a maximum of three, depending on supply) bottle. I am sure that we can all name recent cases where a wine has disappeared practically as soon as it has gone on sale. I have found this frustrating on many occasions.

Limiting purchases to one bottle per member seems to me to be really the only way that members can have a better chance of being able to try these wines, especially those who do not regularly buy very expensive wines from the Society,

Allowing richer members to buy larger quantities (some of which will inevitably be sold on, often at a tidy profit) seems to me to be fundamentally against the ethos of the Society.


I agree with this in principal, obviously TWS need to factor in any additional administrative burden in the pricing.

Of recent offers (ignoring EP and Rousseau) I can only remember one wine that was limited to one bottle:

Interestingly it is still in stock, so maybe the extreme limitation in this case was slightly misjudged.

The rest is slightly controversial…

I am not sure I should write this down… but I tried to add a few bottles to my basket now and found that I could only add one, which is great as it is limited to one, only that I already have another one in reserves in a 20 years slumber…