Ramblings on Riesling

Individual bottles of the Dry Riesling case are available, just the ready mixed case that isn’t. Just ordered.

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Not that it necessarily matters loads considering that all of the mixed case wines are also offered individually, but member services have confirmed that some more ‘mixed cases’ are being made up and will be on sale next monday


Small fruity selection to reserves.

Hoping to hide for a few years, but not the 2051 that MFW suggest the Rausch Kabinett is good until!!!


A small order of dry Rieslings arriving tomorrow (I hope!) as a direct result of reading this thread.

DHL entrusted with delivering them, so fingers crossed. Although to be fair, our regular DHL driver here in northeast Hampshire is quite reliable.

Keen to explore Riesling more and hoping these are all on the dry side. All six are either 1 or 2 on the TWS sweetometer. :blush:


I have also put together my own mixed case. 3x dry, 2x kabs and a Pinot blanc. I’m a big fan of Gingliner’s Pinot Blanc from Alsace. It will be interesting to try one from Germany.


Well this is weird. The Ockfener Bockstein Kabinet from my order confirmation has transformed into a Spatlese in my order history…


Only discovered when I went to record the latest comings and goings in the spreadsheet. Not sure when this miracle occurred and not sure how I feel about it either. Will see what MS are able to tell me about it, then go from there I suppose


In a stunning conclusion to this miracle, the Spatlese has now transformed itself back into a Kabinett. My order history now shows:


Like all good magic tricks, the method must remain secret. All I can do clap my hands in wonder, while scratching my head thinking “wtf just happened?”