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Ramblings on Riesling

The Herrenberger is excellent but might not stand up to very spicy food. If Riesling isn’t compulsory you could go for a viognier or a gewurztraminer



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FWIW and not from the WS, I had this beneath with spicy food last weekend and to my tastes it was sensational; and worked really well with spicy food. I will say though that the spicy food was not super-spicy, and was more towards the “Thai”-style than “Indian”-style.

2019 Gumpoldskirchner Tradition from Johanneshof Reinisch

It’s available easily enough via various shops; around the £15 mark.

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Thanks, the Gewurztraminer is a good shout!

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Thanks, will keep in mind if I order from anywhere other than the society.

I’ve had the von Othegraven and Zilliken recently. Both very good, in fact my notes for both say ‘classic Kabinett’, rather unimaginatively. The von Othegraven had a nice cheesy/smoky aspect to it, more savoury, reflecting its extra years in bottle perhaps; I’d say the Zilliken was a bit riper.

Edit - just realised the question you actually asked was to add to the list, not what did we make of your existing plans. Could you be tempted by a red - an inexpensive gamay like this one? Beaujolais Les Pierres Dorées, Cuvée Louis Dépagneux 2020

Or fizz?


I would also be slightly cautious about the kabinetts if you’re likely to be at the hotter end of the menu. They’d be good with fish or prawns or perhaps a mild creamy or coconutty chicken dish though I think.

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Thanks - have yet to be convinced of red wine and Indian Food, do like Beaujolais though so will add that to my wish list.
Have had different vintages of Zilliken previously, so have high hopes for this one.

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I bought the initial 4, plus the recommended Gewurztraminer from @CCouzens.
Will leave the Herrenberger at home though - think 4 bottles will be enough for the evening.
Thanks for all the suggestions, much appreciated.

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Good plan - all the more for you

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Let us know how it works out!