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Ramblings on Riesling

A fav of mine too. If I had spare cash 6 mistaken spatlese would be heading for reserves right now.

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If you put it in reserves they can just swap it! I’ve ordered some to be delivered.

I would appreciate an Omertà until Tuesday.

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3 bottles of the Spatlese arrived today.

Good job everyone

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“Better spät than never”, as the famous saying goes…


Well done you!

But my heart sinks for what this says about the Society’s warehouse and stock management. There’s an obvious risk now they assume they still have all the Spatlese they originally ordered, sell it online… only to have to follow up with umpteen ‘shortfall in your order’ emails.

The Pegasus Bay Aged Riesling 2009 is available at Waitrose.

I wasn’t a fan but I know I was probably in the minority.

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Latest episode of MFW email received today, 2021 looks more successful than many other parts of Europe. Recommend you all subscribe (it’s free, after all), but here’s the vintage header to whet your appetite:

2021 is a completely unique vintage with some of the finest Mosel wines we have ever tasted!
2021 is a truly stunning vintage, the likes of which the region has not seen in at least two decades. At the top, the wines have a lightness and yet
presence which is truly remarkable … but they deliver this usually with quite bright acidity. If acidity is your thing (which should be if you enjoy
Riesling AND Mosel), get on the phone of your trusted merchants and walk down our list of recommended wines. We would still recommend
reading our notes or taste the wines before buying if you can, just to make sure that the wines do match your expected acidity profile.


I attended the Howard Ripley tasting last Wednesday. A terrific vintage for true Kabinett wines. Fill your boots! Speaking of terrific wines, JJ Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese 1997 Ap 09 00 was sublime on Saturday afternoon. Perfectly balanced mandarin, pink grapefruit and subtle nectarine flavours. Pure as a mountain stream and with years ahead of it. The perfect Auslese? You’d struggle to find better.


Aaargh! I already did that with 2019 and 2020. Can’t we have just one year off, to let the wallet recover…

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I’m afraid not, Jimmybob. Every year I tell myself I’ll buy less, but once Mistress Riesling has you in her tender, yet vice-like grip… At least you needn’t concern yourself too much with Auslese and above. There are some, but Kabinett and Spätlese are where it’s at in 2021. Sorry (not sorry)!


The Feinherbs seem to have received a bit of praise this year too. Any producers in particular stand out for you last Wednesday? I wanted to go too, but something came up at home.

Where exactly is Feinherb on the scale? Same as in Austria?

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The drinking windows for many of the Kabinetts are shown as starting in seven or eight years. Will I really miss something if I don’t want to wait that long?

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Any reflections on the Peter Lauer wines? I normally restrict my en-primeur buying to a half case of Prum kabinett, but it’s become hard to find Lauer kabinett any other way and I’m tempted…

So many questions and such little time to answer… The usual suspects were excellent at the HR tasting:

The Brothers Haag
Falkenstein - the Gisela especially
Von Schubert
Schaefer - GH and GB were superb. I normally buy the Domprobst but the Himmelreich really shone last week and will be on my list
Donnhoff - but quite expensive

I was also struck by how good the QbAs are. The Dengler-Syler Muskateller Trocken (£45 in bond) was pure elderflower and the Knewitz Riesling was good value at £54 for 6 IB: crisp, minty nettles. Lightly reductive now but will no doubt make refreshing early drinking from summer 2023.

The Zilliken Kab didn’t hit the spot for me this year. Nice, but the quince marmalade flavours were unusual and not as sprightly as I would have hoped. Quite possibly at an awkward phase and we all know theses wines benefit from cellaring.

I’m assuming German feinherb is the same as the Austrian interpretation. Not technically dry, but close, with just a light hint of sweetness compared with Trocken.


Worth noting the Lauer wines are good value (compared with their peers) at the auction. Howard Ripley buys every year and you can make bids through them before the auction takes place. Speak to Sebastian Thomas at HR if you are interested.

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I’m with @Martino. Good for drinking a bit sooner too, I think.

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I was there too and agree with all of this. MFW say it’s a Spat vintage, but I just loved the Kabs last week. Wish I was drinking one now drool

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I do think 8-10 years is the sweet spot for Kabinett when it still has the zip and zing of fresh fruit but has gained complexity. But it’s so pleasurable to drink earlier that I find it hard to hang onto it that long.


These delivered today from Howard Ripley. I am wondering about drinking them this summer, I don’t doubt they will improve with age but any reason why they shouldn’t be broached soon?


  • Achenbach, Porphyr Riesling 2020 Rheinhessen (Wonsheim) 12.5%
  • F E Huff, Schwabsburger Riesling 2020 Rheinhessen (Nierstein) 12.5%
  • Seehof, Westhofen Scheurebe 2020 Rheinhessen (Westhofen) 12.5%