Ramblings on Riesling

Managed to pick up a few Zillikens (Rausch Kabinett, Spatlese and Auslese) in the Howard Ripley sale. Also a couple of Mosbachers.

Just need to make some space.:thinking:

Picked up a couple of Vollenweider 2006 Beerenauslese in the same sale. Nearly 50% off, great reviews, pretty much ready for drinking… there was good stuff there.

A lucky few would have bagged some 2011 Prüm Wehlener Spätlese halves for £13.xx too. A good sale.

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There’s what looks like a VGV mixed case of aged German goodies just come on the site.

No Riesling but I wasn’t quite sure where to put this.

There is a very interesting-sounding Scheurebe Spätlese in the set though.


Interesting, but probably most past it? I.e., the entry bottlings.

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Probably in this thread, though it doesn’t see anywhere near as much action as the Riesling topic

I’m coming out from beneath my self-imposed rock (like Gollum naturally, clutching my treasured bottle and uttering “my precious”!) and I’ve bitten for it. Will give them a go and see what happens.

£48.00 isn’t a big gamble and they think the wines will still be good. You can always invoke the promise of needed…

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I suspect you’re right, but at the price I’ve gone for a case so as to find out!

For £8 a bottle it is definitely worth it. Does make for a couple of fun evenings.

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I’ve also gone for this on the same basis of the price. Is the promise still valid beyond the TWS drinking window? It doesn’t say so either way in the description, when I bought a case of the “past drinking dates” aged fine reds a few months back, the description specifically excluded it from the promise.

Regarding the drinking dates, the “All the wines are now at or just past the end of their drinking windows” statement in the blurb is rather optimistic, since the TWS drinking windows end dates range from 2017-2020. I’m hoping these are typical TWS conservative dates and there is at least some life left in the bottles, though also not massively concerned at £8 per bottle. If 3 or 4 bottles out of 6 are in decent shape, I’d be happy enough.

I’ve stuck mine in reserves in the name of domestic harmony re: wine storage, but doesn’t seem like I can leave them there too long. Will retrieve in a few weeks when Mrs Smith is less combustible on the subject.


I would have thought that as they’re all past the end of their drinking windows, that would mean that you can’t invoke the promise.

I still think it’s worth the gamble for £8 a bottle though, even if you get one or two duds.

That Gutedel (aka Chasselas) went in my very first WS order when I joined - albeit the 2016 vintage. It’s such a nice summer quaffer - would be lovely to see a recent vintage on the list again.

I reckon the 2015 is past it - the drinking window for the 2016 was to 2019… then again, for the price it’s a very tempting case! Thanks for highlighting, @crocos :+1:


Thanks for the heads up, have ordered a case.


If I’d purchased any of these I would only just be starting to think about getting them out of my reserves to try a bottle. YMMV :sunglasses:


Varietal box just arrived courtesy of a 9am DHL van. It’s listed now as a revised selection but I can’t see what has been subbed.

Anyway, will report back once something is opened :+1:


Mine’s en route. Due to arrive, this fine summer’s day, within the hour.

Mine will be with me on Monday.

Looking forward to hearing the reports on what is in there.

EDIT: Useful accompanying TWS blurb


Those look as advertised, no subs (at least compared to what I ordered).


Have any of them met an unfortunate corkscrew yet?

Just curious… mine turn up tomorrow morning and am looking forward to trying a few over the next couple of weeks. Actually - I’m just impatient.

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