Raising a glass, together

Did you want to tweet it again so those who missed the first one can still join?

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Well, mine have arrived. Have you got yours ready yet?

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Having done a little research has jut increased my anticipation…

The red a blend of Rhone varieties Syrah 86%; Mourvèdre 13%; Viognier 1%…
The white potentially a blend of circa 70% chenin blanc and the rest Rhone varieties Viognier, Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Clairette Blanche

So they should be 1% the same… :wink:

:sob::sob::sob::sob: gunna miss this now … am stuck in the Emerald Isle #opheliastorm !! Ferries not running …! Hopefully sail Wed or Thursday … ! :tired_face:! I’ll make the next one for sure :+1:!! But enjoy everyone !!

Oh, that’s awful … well, not the bit about being in Ireland, that would be nice.

You can still follow along & chat event though you aren’t tasting this time, then when you get home you can post your thoughts on the wines. Unlike twitter, this conversation will stay live for a long time, so no immediate rush

However, we count on you for the next one

We are very much looking forward to starting these tastings again.

I was asked by one participant about ‘preparations’ for the tasting, so here is my reply.

Have bottles handy. Have glasses handy. Have computer handy. Done!

If you want more detail, we will post a thread at the start of the tasting, around 19:00, with some general information on the wines and the order of the tasting.

We usually find that if participants have tried to make a meal to match, it is easier to comment on whether they worked and what the ideal food matches might be. It also gives something to photograph and share, but none of that is essential. All we really need are your thoughts on the wine, but creative food pairings are very welcome.

DURING the tasting we will have general conversations and introductions and then note as we move onto a new wine and discuss each one separately. At the end we will also get feedback on the tasting itself (such as a poll on the favourite).

You should see new comments appearing even as you are on the thread, so you may occasionally need to refresh the page, but all the conversations will stay together and you can jump back to where you left off if you need to pop out to the kitchen for example.

AFTER the tasting we will create two new threads, one for each wine in the tasting, so that we can bring together all the information about each particular wine. That will include everyone’s tasting notes, suggestions and feedback. In that way, the threads become an archive of reviews for the wine that others can refer to in future.

We look forward to hearing your views of the wines, and to raising a glass or two with fellow members of the community.

I was reminded today by my wife that tomorrow just happens to be our wedding anniversary… :blush: I’ll still be doing the tasting but will be trying to rustle up a delicious dinner at the same time so might be slightly distracted! The wines are arriving tomorrow - hopefully early enough that I can get the white suitably chilled.


I’m sure you’ve planned well ahead and are all prepared

Preparing a Sourh African meal for this evening. White chilling; red breathing.


So, I’m home and getting myself set up for the tasting. Before we start, it would be good to know who is already about. Let us know if you are here and ready:

(BTW if you are spectating because you are not (yet) a member, send us comments via twitter using the #TWSTaste hashtag and we’ll try to respond)

  • Yes, I’ve got my wines and I’m ready to let the Wolf loose
  • Yes, I’m ready to take part, but sadly don’t have the wines
  • No, I’m not really here (shhh!) … so can’t complete the poll

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Dinner cooking; timed to be ready just before the first bottle opening.

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I’ve now started a brand new thread for the tasting itself. Please join us over here if you haven’t already