Raising a glass, together

The time has come to organise a collective raising of glasses. How about the 18th October?

TWS Taste Events 2017

If you have been following The Society on twitter for some time, you will know that over the last couple of years we have run a very popular event every couple of months called #TWSTaste.

The idea of these events was to use the power of social media to connect members of The Wine Society, wherever they happened to be, to taste the same wines at the same time, together, and then be able to discuss them.

When twitter was a little less busy it was easier to follow along, but as they years, and the volume, increased, it has become difficult to track all the many posts that make up such an event on a public platform.

However. the idea is still a good one, and we want to continue the experience of these fun, informal versions of led tastings where we give you a little more background on a pair of wines, as we would in a relaxed seminar, then we all taste and comment on the wines at the same time. It creates a great conversation, and a good excuse to try something new as well as meet new people.

For this edition we propose to bring the tasting into the community. After all, “connecting members of The Wine Society, wherever they happened to be” is the very essence of this community. In any case, it is much easier to follow the comments here and to reply to others. In addition, all members can have access, even those who choose not to be on twitter and it creates a handy, lasting guide for future members browsing the site for ideas and recommendations.


So, put a date in your diary for 19:00 - 20:00 (UK) on Wednesday 18th October, 2017

There will be a pair of wines that are usually well under £10 each, and readily available to all members, so anyone can take part. Be sure to pop them in your basket as soon as they are announced (unless you happen to have them already).

Are you interested? Let me know if you think you could take part, and if you have any questions, feel free to post them here and I can explain further


Sounds great, I’m in !


I will be in for the one after, what will be the frequency?

UPDATE - I have ordered the wines… I guess I just need to spit and use what is left for cooking…

Not sure, but hoping to squeeze another one in before Christmas, them we can see :slight_smile:

In the diary. How about live video feeds?a way to upload tastings as they happen and also photos etc.

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Let’s face it, there is nothing exciting about watching another person sniff, sip and spit wine on camera. Since these events are about the wines, I don’t think we need video, though some audio format may be fun for the future, something like a live podcast

Bringing Society tasting events to life is a different issue and one we will be exploring soon

I’d definitely be up for that. Count me in!


Sadly I’m going to have to give this one a miss but will keep my eyes peeled for the next one!

Excellent! We have some recruits already and we will encourage more to join us through twitter and beyond.

The wines we are going to taste are the following, both available in the South Africa offer that should just have landed on your doorsteps:

Both wines can be bought individually or are included in the Cape Mixed Dozen offer so that they are easy to get hold of.

Do make sure you order them in good time so they can rest and chill before we taste.

I look forward to tasting along with you all on the 18th

We’re very happy to be able to publicise this more widely now that the community is public. If you get a chance, share the tweet to encourage other members to join us in the community, and the tasting:

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Ahhh. I’ll be on a plane, to Spain.

See you next time!

Okay, that is seriously tempting


Sadly elsewhere, maybe next time

Shame, but definitely hope to get you along next time

VERY excited about this - and both wines have extremely interesting backgrounds and stories behind their producers etc too so it will be a great start to kick off The Community’s interactive tastings!

Who else is planning on taking part? :smiley:

Ready… 10 days to go

Not sure why the mobile upload rotated this photo… @robert_mcintosh


not sure - maybe it was actually only displaying as horizontal on mobile but was, in fact still a portrait image

Will try to test

It was portrait with the bottles the right way…

Have enjoyed these over the last couple of years so we’ll be there.


A reminder for all those thinking of joining us for this tasting event that you have only just over a week to organise delivery of the wines in advance of the night. These tastings are always lots of fun, so I do hope you can join us