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Racks for magnums


So I was wondering how people store their magnums, if they’ve mostly got racks that hold regular bottles.

For example, I’ve got a few different sizes of this kind of thing…

…which means I can only fit magnums on the top row. But this clashes horribly with my geeky need to sort the wines by region etc. I mean, sometimes I have no choice but to place a magnum of claret on top of the Rhône column, and This Will Not Do. They need their own place, away from my beautifully arranged 75cls.

I had a peek online, and appropriately-sized racks seem to be way out of my price range. Has anyone else had to solve this problem? I could make my own, I guess, but hmmm, DIY skills…



I had the same question but for halves a while ago. I didn’t find much so my solution ended up being to drink them all and only buy 75cl bottles since :rofl:



Well, I’d better start early in the day if I’m gonna get quadruple-:crazy_face:


A more serious suggestion might be to look at the Omar shelf from Ikea:

it’s what I use for my wine at home but my only magnums are in reserves so I haven’t tried - however I get the feeling they will be ok width-wise, and the veriable height space means you should be ok there too. But I don’t know for sure.


Ah, now I might look into this, cheers @tom.

Good old Sweden!


It just remains to figure out how to smuggle a magnum into a store so you can test it out :laughing:


“Easy to assemble – no tools required.” Alarm bell starting to ring! But it’s Ikea; it must be possible!


Halves are easy: they go in the bottom holes of the racks. (Unless you have a really disproprotionate number of halves.)


Not in the Omar - unless I put them on the floor- as they fall through.


If you don’t put the racks on the floor, where do you put them?