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Rabbit food and wine


In our house its generally accepted that the OH is frequently referred to as the “meat monster” . He loves meat and has just purchased ANOTHER type of Smoker/BBQ/outdoor meat cooking device :tired_face:.
The 5 year old has recently taken to calling me the “salad monster”. She’s not wrong. I love a good salad. Whilst its far easier to match wine with a meat based dish I sometimes find it a bit more difficult to do this with a salad. To put it into a better perspective, I would literally live on salad…ALL types of salad even in the winter and quite often vegetarian salads. This is the most frustrating type to match wine to, the non meat or fish ones.

For example: What would you pair with a puy lentil salad?? I have posted the recipe on the appropriate thread so there’s a better understanding of the ingredients.

What would you pair with a warm roasted vegetable salad?

Or (A favourite) Greek Salad??

Thoughts, salad recipes and recommendations welcome Thanks



As a point of principle. I will not. :wink:


My partner is a lifelong vegetarian and I’m pescetarian at the moment. This warm summer has led to a lot of salad being consumed here. The problem with salad and wine is often the vinegar in the salad dressing. We tend to stick to simple dry whites or pinks most of the time. If you avoid vinegary dressings then you can make some good pairings with more interesting wines. Dishes with rich (herby or spicy) tomato based sauces give us chance to drink a range of fruit driven reds. Nut based dishes are great with mature and gamey red wines (the nut roast and nebbiolo on Sunday was nice!)

Puy lentil dish looks lovely, There are a few wines I’d at least like to try out with it! A good rose might work or an earthy white perhaps. We love gamay with a roasted beetroot (various colours) salad we do. Feta salad, I’d probably go for



Thanks @NickFoster, I would never have thought of a manzanilla so thanks for that. I don’t tend to add salad dressings as I usually find them ripe enough without drowning with vinegar etc… there may also be a little coleslaw involved in a regular salad as such . I’ve tried all types of rosé with all types of salad and generally it’s a good call .
I’m interested in the nut and gamey red match , I’d like to try this myself , do you have a recipe for the nut roast dish ? Sounds really interesting.


I’m a lifelong veggie too apart from the (very) occasional bit of fish. My reasons are more habit that conscience now. And not being a white wine drinker this does sometimes present problems however I’m afraid I’m also not much of a salad lover (somehow that always feels wrong for a veggie). On the other hand I do love Italian style cooking and that offers plenty of opportunity for fairly robust pasta sauces that companion well with the more robust reds.

For salads I think I’d try a light red like a Beaujolais.


I’m a big Beaujolais fan probably because I eat so much rabbit food…:joy:


Generally, I think of Terroir principles so Puy Lentils, Puy de Dome red, Mediterranean veg, Provençal rosé and Cicadas, etc. I know it can appear boring, but it usually works, or is a good starting point at least. (Bottle of Brown and a Greggs sausage roll)


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Where I live that’s quite common .
I agree, matching wine to local food always works well as does local wine to local cheeses etc…


I often refer to Fiona Beckett’s suggestions here:

Though I suspect you it won’t necessarily tell you something you didn’t know.
Like you, I’m a salad monkey - we eat it all the time back home in Israel, in myriad different ways. I do love meat too - especially game and seafood, but salads are a staple for me! :+1::grin:


With mixed roasted vegetables, eaten hot or cool as a salad, I think you can extend the vinous choice into red wines, especially the more rustic and (less tannic) ones. It does depend on the veg, of course - not too much tomato and enough garlic and onion to produce a rounded, rich flavour always helps. I’d suggest that Greek reds as well as Spanish, Italian and French wines from areas adjacent to the Med would work best with a roasted vegetable dish.


If you include a lot of red peppers and tomatoes amongst your roasted veg you might consider a zinfandel. I certainly do!


I’m new to them myself but try Etna reds. Low tannins, forward red fruit flavours, some leafy notes. Grows together/goes together!


Thanks @Jcbl, I’ve had a few now with the most recent being the Frappato which in fact went well with salad ! The OH didn’t like it all interestingly … I think I need to keep trying them​:wink:! Any excuse …:relieved:


I have stuck a case of the current Terrazze dell’Etna offering into reserves - because these are not cheap wines when sold elsewhere - so when I draw some down I will share thoughts.


Another lifelong veggie and salad-enjoyer here! Some fantastic matches being suggested - Manzanilla and Feta salad sounds amazing.

I’m a huge fan of Beaujolais with salads, too. In case of use, here are a few reds in a similar-but-different ballpark that I also feel are worth a go if you’ve not had the pleasure…

The 2016 of this is very fresh and zingy, and needed a bit of time to settle, but it’s singing now and would be a good fit for more lentil-based options.

Thought this was a really pleasant, cheerful and easy-peasy option for lighter meals (in case that warm weather returns).

This is one of my favourite reds I’ve tried this year, and should stand up to more lentil/cheese/onion-complicated matters without losing its charm.

Pardas Sus Scrofa 2017

I quite like citrus fruits as an alternative to vinegar, especially on summer salads. Better for wine I think as well.


Have you considered making a dressing with Manzanilla? Quite interesting.


Lifted from somewhere years ago…this is a favourite.

1cooked beetroot
20g honey
15g wholegrain mustard
1 clove garlic
25ml Manzanilla (or cider vinegar)
Salt & pepper
120 ml Olive Oil
40g Almonds - sauté in butter skin on
4 nectarines
120g Gorgonzola (or other softish mild blue cheese)
Green salads.

Blitz beetroot, honey, mustard, garlic, wine salt/pepper then slowly add oil to make a smooth mix
Wedge nectarines
Cube cheese

Put a base of some dressing, add green salad, arrange cheese and nectarines, more salad, remaining dressing then top with almonds and glaze with a little oil if needed

Easy to substitute butter and cheese and capable of working with a wide variety.


On the salad related theme, has anyone tried this? If as much time and trouble has gone into selecting it as TWS buyers invest in choosing the wines I imagine it is pretty good?


Good question, I’ve always been interested to try that