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Quirky, beautiful bottle designs (and uses once empty!)



In the ‘Your favourite gin’ topic, @tonythepony recommended the wonderful Isle of Harris gin, which comes in a very beautiful bottle:

And it got me thinking…
Does anyone else think the bottle design of a gin plays an important part in its success? A lot of craft gin producers really go all-out to fancify them. If anyone has examples of their favourite gin bottles/labels I’d love to see them!

I think, for example, that the Hendricks and Gin Mare bottles make for very good table lamps… :grinning:

Would love to see your favourite beautiful bottles, gin or otherwise! And any DIY suggestions…

Your favourite gin?
Your favourite gin?

It is a lovely bottle isn’t it? We’ve been using an empty one as a water carafe at my house since we finished it.

I do think the bottle is important - Bombay Sapphire started it I suppose with their crystal blue number - since then the “medicinal” look seems to have been quite successful - as well as Hendricks, Monkey 47 springs to mind.



Rudy Kurniawan found some great uses for old bottles:


A recommendation in this community to try an Amaro, made locally in South East London introduced me to the amazing square bottle used by Asterley Brothers. It isn’t empty yet, so not sure what I will do with it, but definitely in line for a smart vase or display of some kind:


I noticed this in M&S a couple of times, and rather liked it. Not sure what you could use it for afterwards though!


That reminds me a little of the R.L Seale’s Rum that I bought a little while back.


You could use it to prove to yourself that you’re stone cold sober after having had one too many, as no doubt it would then look like a normal bottle …


That reminds me of the traditional Gattinara bottles (not used by the WS supplier from there.)



This is what we do with bottle we want to keep


Another one I’ve just though of is Taylor’s 325th anniversary Port:


Now THAT’s a good lamp base!


I’d be fascinated to try those Amaros… are they available through TWS… or does one have to go off-piste?!


oooh - sorry! Just noticed I never replied to this question.

I’m afraid they’re not with The Society. They are actually made locally where I live and they have a deal with a local independent butcher who also offers some wines and spirits (how fancy!) so I got it there.

I’m pretty sure you can get them online from the producer