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Quickfire - your winter warmer, dinner party and desert island wine choice


Thanks to @Nowt_in_my_glass for these questions! It would be great to hear everyone’s answers and find some new wines to try. It doesn’t just have to be The Wine Society wines either :blush:

Favourite bottles for…

  1. Proper comfort wine this winter
  2. Something you’d bring to a dinner party to show you’re a wine lover
  3. The last wine you could ever drink on a desert island


I’ve had a think and mine are:

  1. The Society’s Californian Old-Vine Zinfandel - at 14.5%, it’s enough to keep me warm for a week! (Plus fruity and delicious!)


The Society’s California Old-Vine Zinfandel 2018, Bestsellers - Popular - Offers

A classic California zinfandel, with cherry cola on the nose, fresh strawberry and tart red cherries coming through on the full soft palate, plus a pleasing hint of vanilla on the finish. Our house zin is made for us by Delicato Family Vineyards from some of their oldest vines, bringing great…

£7.95 per unit

Details correct as at: 11/03/2020 12:40

  1. Rapsani Terra Petra for my dinner party wine - because I absolutely love Apostolos Thymiopoulos’ wines, I’d imagine my guests wouldn’t have tried it but that they would definitely enjoy it and also I think they’d be impressed by my pronunciation of Xinomavro :joy:


Thymiopoulos Rapsani Terra Petra 2017, Bestsellers - Popular - Offers

Apostolos Thymiopoulos is a master of Greece’s xinomavro grape. Ripe and naturally sweet in fruit, from the warmer climate in the foothills of Mount Olympus.

£22.00 per unit

Details correct as at: 11/03/2020 12:46

  1. Champagne Boizel Brut Reserve NV for my desert island wine - because if I’m going to be stuck on an island by myself forever then I think I would deserve a treat!


Champagne Boizel Brut Réserve NV, Bestsellers - Popular - Offers

The perfect celebration Champagne: generous and fruity, while maintaining an effortless lightness of touch, this pinot noir-dominant blend has an irresistible touch of brioche on the palate, rounding out the flavour beautifully.

£35.00 per unit

Details correct as at: 11/03/2020 12:50


Good question…

Winter warmer would probably be this… (on repeat prescription at ourplace):

For a dinner party wine, probably something a little less obvious. Maybe a Montlouis sur Loire? (Yapp do a nice one) . Or if we’re sticking to TWS list, this:

Or just a bottle of TWS Gratien champagne (ideally with a few years under its belt). Always goes down well.

For a dessert island wine… I’ve always fancied trying Pol Roger Winston Churchill cuvee. From magnum, naturally.

  1. A decent Cairanne (Alary)

  2. Pomerol

  3. Just the other side of that reef, a little too far out to swim is a container-load of Krug that fell off a China bound tanker. Each day a bottle washes ashore, same place, same time!
    (Time to wake up???)


Once again, the community makes my wishlist ever longer! Thank you @kelly - I think that tells us more about you than any other method could! :wink:

Awesome choices - that Rapsani is outrageous! I have yet to try the Boizel or the zin, looks properly good value!


I took the Rapsani the other week to a good mate going through hard times. We sat down and talked through (or rather I listened to) the goings-on in his life. He’s not a particular wine aficionado, and generally drinks humdrum stuff, although he has recently joined The Society, so his quality threshold is increasing all the while.

We opened the Rapsani and the first sip interrupted his train of thought. His eyes widened and for the first time, after the inevitable ‘Wow!’, he sat and contemplated a wine. He thanked me for the interruption later.

Wine is there for the good of humankind.


Winter warmer is - Dogliani, Luigi Einaudi 2018 - to be fair this would tick the other two boxes, too
Dinner party is - Magnum of Nye timber Blanc de Blancs 2007 - not one for home for sure…
Desert island is - Viognier La Combe Pilate, Collines Rhodaniennes, Chapoutier 2017 - loads of this actually, assuming it is somewhere sunny


Does this mean your least favourite choice for a desert island wine?


I read it as the wine you would want to drink for the rest of your life if necessary!


Winter warmer - Classy and delicious :yum:

Dinner party - Nebbiolo bore, but a bit more approachable without the mouth-blasting tannins of a barolo

Dessert Island Wine - Got to be champagne (fridge dependent), but tough choice between @JamesE’s Pol Roger Winston Churchill 2008 and @AnaGramWords’ Krug NV.

Think the Krug edges it

It’s such a nice champagne, simply incredible Non Vintage and I’d also get to experience and enjoy the batch changes - would be at least a tiny bit of variation to spice up the dessert island life.

  1. Winter warmer - My favourite this winter would definitely be this Crozes-Hermitage Les Papillons, Domaine Gilles Robin 2018

  2. Dinner party wine - I would choose a delicious, food friendly white such as this - a Magnum of Beaumont Chenin Blanc.

  3. Finally, I think the Desert Island wine would have to be a delicious and ‘happy’ wine and would ideally be some fizz, with this being my first choice for it’s richness and complexity.
    Bollinger NV Special Cuvee


Winter warmer: Beaujolais cru with a few years bottle age, Moulin-a-vent or Morgon. I’m not sure if this is old enough but its worth a punt? https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=BJ7821

Dinner Party: Savennieres (TWS have none on sale, however bigger branches of Co-op do, sometimes) - brilliant Chenin blanc with enough oomph to go with main courses.

Desert Island: Veuve Cliquot Champagne - lovely stuff and well priced if you time it right for Morrisons post-xmas sale.


Ahhhhh I meant a desert island wine to be your dream wine (sorry, should have been a bit more explicit) :smiley:

  • My winter warmer would be a society exhibition rioja - How can oak, ripe fruit and alcohol not make your world better?! I cycle 365 days a year, including in the snow, so the thought of ripe cherry and buttery toast is enough to keep me going through the journey!
  • Dinner party wine would be the Greywacke wild sauvignon blanc - Absolutely sensational - Loads of mlf, a little bit of oak, yet with the impact that you’d expect from a sauvignon
  • Desert island wine would be the most mushroomy, dried fruity, smoky Brunello I could get my hands on!


My winter warmer would be this one.

My diner party wine to show off my wine lover credentials would be

Not a common grape but made into a delicious white at a vineyard right by the sea. Goes well with prawns or any other seafood.
The last wine I would drink (in a good way) on a desert island would have to be one for a celebration as I assume the last wine means my rescue is imminent. So although champagne isn’t my favourite wine I do like it and rescue calls for something sparkly. The two that have made the most impression on me are Ruinart Blanc de Blanc and Harrods NV own label which had the most sustained and creamy bubbles in the mouth I have ever tasted. Tough call but as it’s a big celebration let’s not be cheapskate with the own label vino and go for the Ruinart!


Gigondas Ch St Cosme
Tyrell’s Vat 1 Semillon
Billecart Salmon Brut NV (no corkscrew needed, of course)


Good point about the corkscrew. I’m going to cheat and name five options.

Mine would be:

Winter warmer:

Wine lover’s party:
Mature (10 yrs +) Ridge Geyserville, or a 100% grenache gris if the host prefers white…

Desert Island:

-A bit predictable, but something by DRC, if corkscrew available.
-Bollinger vielles vignes françaises, if corkscrew unavailable.

Because I’ll probably never get to try either…


My choices will probably change by next week, but right now I’d go for:

Winter Warmer

Dinner Party

Depends on the audience. If I know it’ll be appreciated something like a Crozes Hermitage from Domaine de Thalabert. I once took a 98 Leoville Barton to Christmas dinner (which was only possible because of a Christmas bonus at the time) and ended up with half a glass while the rest got guzzled. Heart breaking.

Desert Island wine

One of the best wines I’ve ever had was 1993 Cristal. Not even a particularly notable vintage but had complexity for days!


My current wine obsession almost leads me to say Cru Beaujolais for all three questions.

It’s definitely my answer to the first two. A Morgon for the winter warmer (I had a Guy Breton Vielle Vignes 2016 last weekend which was banging!). The last bottle of wine I did take over to other wine friends was a Le Grappin Saint Amour 2017.

I’m less sure about the desert island wine. I’m possibly over thinking it and working out if I am left with a supply of it for my desert island, (i.e. the islands house wine) or if I get just one bottle. Probably Champagne Bereche Brut Reserve meets a happy medium between the two.


There’s an awful lot of champagne on this island. Can I change mine to a nice glass of the Chateau Cantemerle? (and share with you good folks).