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Question re: our next TWSTaste theme

Hi all!

I’m just putting together the wines for the next TWSTaste (on Thurs 22nd Oct at 8pm), and I’m a bit spoilt for choice! So I was hoping you could help…

I wanted us all to try two of the Fine Wine Champs which are being released on Friday - but would you rather taste (pick up to three!):

  • A white Burgundy vs a new-world chardonnay
  • A pair of white Bordeaux wines
  • A couple of more left-field red Burgundy alternatives
  • A red and a white from a particular country/region
  • Two unrelated wines that don’t have a theme but just sound amazing

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Let me know what you think?! Hope to see you there!

I say two wines from the “He didn’t like it” thread. We can have an earnest discussion of whether a wine is truly a ‘breakfast wine’


We can shift it to 8am, too! :+1:


I know this is the pernickety pedant in me, but why does a wine have to be defined by Burgundy (the ‘alternative’)?

Nebbiolo is often cited as such, but for me it generally knocks the spots off Pinot Noir (I must admit to having a partner who calls it ‘that pissy wine’ which doesn’t help experimentation!). So its an improvement, rather than an alternative (for me).

It may also seem woke of me, but it just seems to perpetuate myths about wine, and I suspect that there are depths of knowldge from the varied members of this board who could really open our eyes to lesser know or regarded areas without the need for comparison. :grinning:


Absolutely fair enough, @Tannatastic! You make a very valid point indeed.

I think the reason I chose that wording was more because the two wines I have in mind share some characteristics with red Burgundy, but are lesser-known, (one’s a pinot, one isn’t) and it was an easy point of reference to appeal to those less used to exploring outside the classic regions.

That said, you’re quite right to point out that they’d both stand up on their own without the need to compare them to anything! And to be honest, I’d personally probably choose them over red Burgundy anyway…

I think they’d both be @MrLaura’s choice to try too, although at the moment it looks like the chardonnays are winning out…! I’ll leave the poll up for a few more hours and then make a call this afternoon. :slight_smile:


Last call for votes! Then I’ll put the new topic live ASAP.

Looks like there’s a marginal winner! All good options.

I’m quite excited at the implication that there’s going to be (at least!) two white Bordeaux on the list!


Oh, don’t bring that up again :scream:


This is all very exciting. Clearly I need to get out more.


what is the “out” of which you speak???


Ah yes - indeed. Perhaps just a walk round the block rather than staring at screens all day would be a start. :grinning:


Wow, thanks for so many votes! :smiley:

Looks like we’ll be going for a pair of brilliant un-themed wines - but I’m hoping to make one of them a chardonnay to satisfy the second-place choice too. :wink:

The wines’ll be live on our site on Friday so I’ll hold off on creating the invitation post until then - I think you’re going to like the two we’ve chosen! :heart_eyes:


Thanks @laura. Looking forward to seeing and trying the choices.