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Question on bottle markings


Two bottles.
On the left, Poderi Colla riesling just arrived from the recent TWS fine wine list.
On the right, a bottle of Grappa di Barolo purchased whilst skiing in Italy last month.

Does anyone know what ALBEISA is that is embossed across the shoulder of the bottle?


I believe it is a specific (patented?) bottle shape for wines from Langhe / Alba (hence the Albeisa) to distinguish it from Bordeaux / Burgundy / Mosel bottle shapes

Found an interesting history for it here:


Interesting that the branding relates to the bottle shape rather than a wine region / terroir, but I’m guessing that if they limit to producers of the area it becomes the same thing

Fun fact - wine is endlessly interesting (or was that ‘horribly complicated and unnecessary divisive’?)

BTW, admit it! You just wanted to show off about the skiing again, didn’t you?! :wink:


More that I forgot to mention the grappa I picked up in my original post :wink:

There is a subtle difference in the bottle shape to a standard Burgundy bottle, the shoulder is higher up the bottle. Quirky, I like it.

Speaking of bottle shapes, I attended a Germany tasting on Monday and there were a few in Bocksbeutel. Not great for a wine rack, but very cool at the table.


I bought the mixed case in Bocksbeutel in the last Germany offer. Still in reserves.


I’m a little jealous. The Silvaners I tried Monday had real interest.