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Quantity of literature from Wine Society


Am I alone in being perfectly happy with everything that the Wine Society supplies me with — apart from the (for me) excessive amount of communications ? I like the quarterly booklet-cum-order form, and wouldn’t mind the occasional (once a month ?) e-mail alerting me to new/special offers. But the current level of e-mails and mailshots is excessive for my requirements. I suggest that the WS creates maybe 3 or 4 “frequency levels” for each member to choose from, so that we each receive the level that corresponds to our own needs. There are several organisations that I have given up supporting because of this issue, and I’d rather not reach this point with the WS.


Why not set up a rule to move emails from TWS to a dedicated folder and then check it at the frequency that suits you?

Rules can also be subject line sensitive so it should be possible to filter out certain types of TWS mailing but not others…


You may want to have a look here and also here where this has been discussed at length in the past. Hope these help.