Quality Rose Saignee Method

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Summertime is there… even if it is quite cloudy at the moment in London, I am looking for Rose gems but made from Saigne method, do you have any recommendation?


Bordeaux Clairet is …but getting anywhere outside Bordeaux isn’t the easiest

even rarer…Ch Leoville Barton ‘Initio’…made in frequently

the website doesn’t seem to allow you to search for this phase in the description. Mind from the notes I read it they don’t usually say.

I did notice Muga Rose is main by Saigne. I’m guessing you’re more likely to find it where rose is a by produce of red, as the running off concentrate the red wine.

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I don’t think Saignee is that rare; it’s a way to intensify red wine.

Not a lot of people know that the original ‘white’ Zinfandel was the result of saignee to intensify the red.

As I learned at a TWS tasting earlier this year, the Sainte Eulalie rose is made by that method.

You’ll find my tasting notes here https://community.thewinesociety.com/t/languedoc-roussillon-tasting-14-may/5377

I wasn’t that excited by it but others were…

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Its a staple for me at the moment ! Love the stuff :yum:

I quite often hear Musar wine having a whiff of stable, but Muga? :laughing:

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