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Puzzling name/marketting

I am currently being advertised a service called “Good Pair Days” on various social media platforms. Apparently this is a wine subscription service and nothing to do with pants. I am baffled enough to have come here to post about it.


I hate things like this that seem to assume we’re all far too stupid to figure out our wine tastes on our own.

This stuff annoys me too:

Our No Planet, No Pinot Fund donates 1% of all revenue to independent winemakers directly impacted by climate change while also supporting them on their own sustainability projects.

I find it very disingenuous. What it really means is “We’ve added a 1% surcharge on to the price of your wine so we can look generous and charitable in the eyes of you suckers.”


(Good) Wine and food pairing days…? :thinking:
Who dreams up this rubbish?

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They appear to be based in Australia.

100% 5 star reviews on Trustpilot.

Just for information🤔

I really don’t think that anyone frequenting the forums is the target audience. I went through the signup process for research purposes and remembered being quite impressed at the questions they asked to determine what kind of wines I might like. The recommendations were a good match for the answers I provided. It feels like it’s run by people who understand their product and that 99% of consumers won’t, but some might like to.

Is your complaint that your social feed shouldn’t have recommended it to you?

My complaint is the terrible name!

I did similar with the research and you’re right, while it’s not for me, it’s a far better thought out system than a lot of similar ones that I’ve seen.

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Ah yes! Sorry. You did kind of mention that in the thread title!

Even having used the sight I still get confused about what it is when I see it in my feed

Pair of pants - the search algorithm took pants and pair and looked for a matching advert.

Bingo! There was one with Pair in its name, that’s why you saw it.

Try Googling for wine from any country that doesn’t make any (e.g. Chad) and you’ll get hits from merchants, none of whom stock wine from that country, but the algorithm took wine.

Still, when I search the TWS site for Pinotage I get 17 wines including Port, Pol Roger Champagne and an Australian Sauvignon Blanc - no idea why.

I tried… apparently there is a winery named Chad :slight_smile:


Yes, but it’s not in the country of Chad

You don’t say!