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Putting Pinot Noir In The Spotlight


Hi everyone, I am interested to attend this upcoming pinot noir tasting in Glasgow. But before that I’d like to ask for the opinion of the members of the community that have been to the Stevenage tasting. Comments and thoughts much appreciated. Still undecided about whether I should go for it. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @MYCHONG, I can’t imagine it not being a fun evening! Although I haven’t been to this type of tutored tasting, I have been to a lunch in Stevenage, and to several WS tastings in various venues. I found these well organised, informative, not to mention good fun and a chance to meet other members.

Toby Morrhall is friendly and knowledgeable (I had the pleasure of speaking to him at the Press tasting in June), and I’m sure will lead an interesting session.

In short, if Pinot Noir is a variety you want to learn more about - I can’t see a reason not to go! :slight_smile: :+1:


Thanks @Inbar :slight_smile: Have to give it a try.


Hi, I’d also be interested in the Pinot Noir tasting in Glasgow but I can’t see what date it is on.Has the date been finalized? Regardsds Michael


I went to this event at Stevenage last month and thoroughly enjoyed it. This sit-down tutored tasting was my first (I’ve been to plenty of the walkaround tastings) and it proved very interesting, not least as an exercise as to ‘value’ in wines of a particular variety. Without spoiling it, the ‘favourite’ result vote at the end wasn’t the one you might have guessed at beforehand.
I thought it good value if you like PN. Toby was very engaged and there was a lot of interesting information and discussion. The samples were generous and reluctantly some were even poured away to avoid inebriation… But not my favourite!


It’s on Wed 24th April. I see that the Edinburgh one the night before has sold out now.

I am going to the Glasgow one with a friend.


I just bought a ticket! Thanks for your thoughts on the event.