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Purchasing locker

I heard about a feature on US site, Winespies] today where you can purchase wines but delay shipping until you fill a case (or minimum order value I guess). This would be fantastic for me if TWS offered this. I often find myself adding wines to my basket or wish list only to discover that they are inevitably out of stock when I do get round to placing an order. I’d happily pay for them in advance in order to guarantee availability at a later date.

TWS would have to manage stock, but they’d have the cash already which might offset the management effort.

Anyone else think this is a good idea or just me?


In theory a good idea. I’d have to see the detail, but isn’t this very similar to L&W’s model?

Do L&W allow you to store individual bottles at a time? If so, then yes, it sounds very similar.

If Member’s Reserves allowed single bottles to be added then it would be very similar.

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Yeah, thats how they operate. No-one is perfect, but that is definitely their strong suit (and a unique/very rare USP).

It would be great for TWS to operate that way too, though I’m not sure whether the extra cost implication would put them off - with the main ethos being wine pricing.

Great idea, however, have you ever paid for a case of wine to be delivered in say 4 weeks time??
Well, I wouldn’t recommend it because quite often, the wine then becomes unavailable between the time you have paid for it and the time itis sent to you resulting in a refund of the wine now not available.
I could be wrong, but I don’t think the wine is picked when you order and pay for it.
You could however put the paid for case in reserves until you want it but that defeats your purpose of filling a case at leisure.

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Well, yes, if TWS were to offer this, then they’d need to sort out some of the fulfilment commitment stuff. Not much point otherwise.


Didn’t this come up in another thread? fairly certain that we were told TWS ‘ringfenced’ your order at moment of purchase, so it couldn’t be sold twice. The problem of wine being unavailable is perhaps another issue (to do with transfer of existing / transient stock to the new website / database?), which should hopefully have washed through by now. Or maybe not.

I imagine the mechanics of ‘pre-ordering’ individual bottle is dead easy, just a data handling process. However every bottle will require a cash handling process (via a 3rd party, VISA etc) & will be chargeable, and perhaps that is where the bugbear is ?

This thread @lapin_rouge? Shortfall in your order

Please, please, please can TWS make it more difficult, not easier, to buy wine! Help me in my hour of temptation!


Quite a neat idea, I like it.

I imagine TWS won’t like it so much, as the logistics of securing inventory for lots of individual bottles would be quite burdensome.

Presumably this is what they do anyway between an order being placed and delivery.

(I know there is a myth that TWS keeps taking orders until every last bottle of a particular wine has left the warehouse, but that is clearly not how their system is meant to work. I.e., they obviously intend to stop listing wine as being in stock as soon as the last bottle is purchased, not when it is delivered.)

Sadly I recently had this experience under these exact circumstances. I hadn’t read the preceeding thread but have learnt my lesson. The positive was that TWS did allow me to add more wine to the delivery.

I’m a big fan of the the open basket idea, even if it was time limited that would be useful.

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There would be a cost for holding more inventory. Though, in practice, I suspect this to be minimal. And cash flow would be fine as members would pay for each bottle as it is added.

And of course, the goal for TWS isn’t just low cost but also member happiness.


In theory they do ring fence it if actually purchased. In reality it is inevitable that, if there is any stock issue, the last order to actually get picked will be the one they can’t fulfil. And this does seem to happen quite regularly.


I have read similar pleas before and i wonder if its a joke? Are people running up an overdraft because they have too much wine.
When I lived in Leeds I had a neighbor who was an alchoholic . She would go in a taxi once a week to the off licence round the corner from where she lived and purchase a large supermarket trolley of boose. I doubt if theres anyone contributing to this community like that.
I only drink one bottle a week and so does my wife so I have to calculate how many bottles i need to get from the WS to last us. I only use the red van delivery . So that has to be put into the calculation as well. I like to have 24 bottles in store. That would normally last 12 weeks. After 6 weeks i am ordering another 12 bottles.

In my case, it is very much tongue in cheek. My drinking rate is in a similar ball park as yours, it’s just that there is huge temptation to buy whenever a great deal pops up in the website. I guess there is plenty of FOMO Fear Of Missing Out. This leads to over purchasing, and a large pile of wine in the cellar that needs to be drunk. It’s the buying that’s the problem, not the consumption


Its really a version of colecting. I am not really affected by that with regards to wine . We have limited storage space. I do buy something that i like if i can get on a special offer. There was a Zinfandel that i liked . So i purchased 6 more. Then it was out of stock at WS . Later i found that i could get a dozen from Waitrose at 25% off . So i purchased those. i have just 3 left now.
At one time i colected New Naturalist series of books and i have two shelves with these books with their lovely dust jackets.

FOMO is exactly my issue with wine. If I won the lottery I’d need a very big cellar…


Should we start a syndicate? :crazy_face:


That’s a good idea… I wonder how much it would cost to buy L&W…