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My Pseudonym is derived from an anglican benedictine community that existed in the Last Century in Buckinghamshire . It lived in a house called Nashdom designed by Lutyens for a Russian prince before the revolution . Nashdom means our home in Russian. I stayed there with the monks in the 60s 70s for weekends.


And there was me thinking your name was Benedict Nash!


Mine is the name of Jerry Garcia’s bluegrass band (though I assume most people knew that already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


It would be a fun name to have.


Well mine is just a phonetic spelling of my initials. Jay for Joy and Kay for Kirkbride which is my maiden name. Back in early 80s we did toy with going double barrelled to combine our surnames but the two didn’t go together too well and no one ‘darn sarf’ could spell mine anyway.


This is going to get very interesting methinks!


I didn’t know that. I just assumed you were very self-deprecating!


Come on then, spill the beans…

Mine is very boring I’m afraid


Mine is in honour of a young child I read about in the local paper. He was rescued by social services from a dreadful home life on the infamous Ferrier Estate in SE London… He thought his name was ‘Oy’ because that’s what his parents called him.

An improvement on my actual name which is unfortunately Norman.


It was either that or ‘New Riders of the Purple Sage’…


Both excellent choices. Perhaps I should change to Panama Red.


.- or Afghan Black.

Which brings me to my own pseudonym, which is really straightforward. (My real surname is Black, by the way.) Thomas Tallis was one of England’s foremost composers and musicians of the renaissance period. As a singer, and someone who admires his genius, I invented the name in his footsteps.


If you dont like Norman you could always change it I new a clergyman named Arnold who was called Jim


Thanks Ken…I’ve learnt to live with him.


If you don’t mind me asking, why did you stay with monks at the weekends?


It was part of my relationship with that which people call God or the Spirit. A monastery is a very peaceful place and can help in the process of finding inner peace, At times I go on retreat . Theres a service in High anglican by the name of Exposition . A large host of concecrated bread is exposed on the altar. I have found that meditating on that brings me amazing peace . It washes over me in great waves of peace. That what it feel like.
I think its a gateway into the divine. You might not believe in all this . But it works for me and it doesnt matter what i believe in ,it is an experience.


Same initials. And talk to me about correctly spelling my surname!


Well my wife’s name is Anna and my christian name is Graham and I have had
a business titled AnaGram Words for many years. That’s it!


My best friend is a Norman! Celebrate it, there’s not many of you about. :wink:


Thanks for sharing. I don’t believe in any organised religion but do believe that spirituality and meditation can have a profound, positive impact on your life.