Proposed Changes to Wine Duty Rates

Thank you for your post and happy to help with the purchases where I can. Doing my bit…

Here’s a suggestion with which you can increase my (and possibly others) monthly spend.

I think I’d be happy paying a premium to put less than a case quantity in reserves (the support for this exists at cases of 1 and cases of 3). When this happens the cost is borne by TWS currently. Usually happens when the wine is in demand / short supply. So the facility is there in some regard.

I’d pay for the additional warehouse costs as part of the transaction to place non-case quantities in reserves. £1-2 per bottle?

I’d probably purchase more at the high end than I currently do. The facility would make TWS and fine wine more accessible to a larger portion of it’s base.

Currently wines like this, you need 3, 6 or 12 bottle capital to stick it in reserves, which will only apply to a very small portion of TWS members.

Drinking window wise, it shouldn’t be touched until 2030 earliest. So if you want to buy one bottle you have to store it at home and at some point, I know I’ll access it early and it’ll be a waste. I could develop better patience, but a payment at source for the additional overheads at the warehouse would help me age higher end wine and make buying it and storing it more accessible to a wider portion of the base?

Apologies if this is too niche! Very happy with TWS. Thanks for running a great organisation.


Be good to try to ensure that as many EP wines are delivered before then to give members the chance to pay duty at lower rate if they wish.


We are working on a plan to make reserves fully flexible - put in and take out whatever you like. We will probably get there in stages as systems complexity is high currently but we do recognise that minimum quantities do not allow the same freedom of purchasing or withdrawl to taste.


We will do all we can to get any EP arrivals over the line before 1st August


Excellent great to hear and thanks again!