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Promoting this community


I have been on here for a couple of weeks now, mostly lurking to be honest as I am generally a social media phobic. TWS has clearly put a huge amount of work into developing the site and there are already many interesting topics being discussed. It is early days, but Society staff, plus a fairly small number of regulars, are providing by far the most content. The site stats appear to show a relatively small number of users.

Now that the community is bedded in, should the Society not promote the site more to members? The first time I heard about it was in October’s Society News, which said it was coming soon. I do not recall getting an email announcement, which would seem the obvious starting point. Maybe even a sheet with the next mailing that might encourage a broad spectrum of members to take a peek.


I’m glad you asked :slight_smile:

Yes, we are in the process of sending out invitations to members and letting them know via individual messages, email alerts, newsletters, email footers and more.

We have strict policies about sending marketing emails … though sometimes it might not feel like that (but there is just SO MUCH we want to tell you about!) However, I have scheduled a number of messages that we will be sending out each week to selections of members over the next month or so.

I am keen not to send a mass mailing straight away because the membership is very large and I want to make sure I can handle the growing participant base and not let anyone down. As you say, we already have quite a lot of content with only 150+ members, so multiplying this by 2, 5 or 10 times will make a big difference, and we are keen to manage it where possible.

If you have any thoughts on who you would like to have you join you, you are more than welcome to encourage them to sign up. We’ve had a steady trickle of members since we added the link to the main site.


I felt sure you would have something in hand! Nonetheless, I hope that you can widen participation sooner. Issues of democracy aside, some threads, interesting as they are, can read like a Society office chat not a member discussion :slight_smile:


Ha! Well, in our defence we do sit quite far away from each other … and I’m not usually in the office.

On a serious note, I should point out that @laura, @martin_brown, @ewan and I are the only true ‘community managers’ of this site. All other members of staff who participate, unless it is to answer a query, do so as individual members and shareholders themselves. We may be working here, but we love wine as much as anyone else, and we love to share it.

Even the site managers are here largely because we love talking about wines and drinking it, and I’ve put plenty of my own money into orders resulting from these threads already.

I do hope you get the sense that this is a passionate exchange, not just traffic to the site, and that the real people behind the day to day business of the Society are easier to get to know.


The staff enthusiasm is wonderful. I know that more members will look forward to being part of it and understanding the Society more as a result.