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Promising signs for the 2018 vintage


Chateau Halliwell on the East/West Sussex border is delighted with how their 2018 cuvée is looking. Healthy yields at around 8lb 6oz per hectare. Fruit and vines seem to be in great shape.


Congrats! Our 2017 vintage is starting to show positive signs of ageworthiness, though on the nose it displays sulphury notes at certain times!


Congratulations! Hope you stocked up on sleep over the last few months


Congratulations @Bargainbob!

I hear they enter a bit of a closed phase in their teens, but they come right in the end :+1:


Many, many congratulations to the whole family! What a wonderful moment. Thanks for sharing.

We’ll understand if you are a bit quieter than normal for a few days!!


Fixed that for you :ok_hand:


Thanks guys!
Sadly any reserves of sleep have now been used up by getting none last night. We’re hoping to tag-team it and get a couple of hours each this afternoon, all being well.
All a bit stressful last night. Waters broke at 10pm, contractions were intense and 2 minutes apart from the word go. Mad dash to the hospital, and she was born at 00.02. Mrs H was a total hero :innocent::cowboy_hat_face: I honestly have no idea how she coped with that with no pain relief (which was categorically not part of the birth plan). I am in awe!


Ohhh! Congratulations, @Bargainbob!!! :tada: :blush: good to hear that it all went well in the end! As someone who endured 18 hours of pure agony - it’s lovely to hear you in awe of your wife! :+1:
Welcome to the new Sussex vintage, and remember - this one is to enjoy daily, not to keep under the stairs :wink::tada:


What a night! :champagne:

As this is the first baby born to a community member, I do hope that you’ll mark the milestone appropriately?!

Maybe the acronym letters T.W.S. for the name, or at least having “Community” as a middle-name?

I’m also wondering whether this should not have been posted under Introductions rather than ‘Home & Lifestyle’ :wink:


Many congratulations @Bargainbob I hope you have a bottle of something suitably indulgent to mark this very special occasion! :champagne:

I shall raise a glass to the first of the 2018 vintage at the first opportunity :grinning:


Yay!! @Bargainbob, huge congratulations to you and Mrs Bargain Bob!! What a decent size crop too :astonished:!! Mine were only 6 pounders so corks
And screw caps off to the Mrs!! Hope you both get to celebrate in true new vintage style … you know … crashed on the corner of the sofa almost comatose with a :baby_bottle: bottle of something spectacular! :baby:!


I remember my mother trying to reassure me about the sleeplessness but not quite knowing when to stop talking:

“Don’t worry, it gets easier…[pauses and thinks]…then it gets harder again, and…”

STOP Mum. Stop. That doesn’t help any morzzzzzzzzzz…:expressionless:


Oh yes… Those mad days of sleep deprivation still give me the occasional shudder! It’s funny how they then turn into teenagers and the struggle shifts into getting them to get out of bed some point before midday!! :grimacing:


Sadly it looks like Mrs H has vetoed Weinert as the middle name…:roll_eyes:


But “Móri Ezerjó” has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

( on a related note, my friend Helena Nicklin aka ‘TheWineBird’ did give her daughter the middle name ‘Ornellaia’ )

Kids names , a bit of Friday fun

I actually mentioned the fact that my initials are TWS in my application letter. How could they deny me when I was clearly born to work here.

Congratulations Bob. Don’t think that one will be a bargain but hope it offers plenty of value over the years.


Many congrats @Bargainbob! I didn’t look at this thread for a while as I thought it was going to be about Southern Hemisphere wine! So a nice surprise. Lovely photo, hope you have managed to get some sleep.


That’s the reason I looked at it!

Shameless clickbait, I tell you :wink:


Congrats @Bargainbob
You all look great
Cheers :clinking_glasses: