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Products with a saving


Hi all,

Everyone loves a bargain, I thought I would flag up a way to see which bottles have a saving on across the site, thought I would create a list using the on site search filters - might be tempted to try a few other regions if there is a bottle saving etc.


Interested in the bottles everyone might be tempted to go with!


Thanks for this, very interesting! It highlighted three Swiss wines with good bottle savings that might just break my resolve…


Especially that Cornalin… never tried that grape before


The St Cosme in a 6 bottle case has it for great savings as previously mentioned. I have this already from EP days and the Tyrrell Chardonnay awaits my return from hols.


I spotted this Cornalin a while ago, but kept postponing buying it due to the price. I succumbed to its lure last week, and finally ordered it. Due to arrive when we’re back from Provence.

The thing that swung it for me was a winner bottle of Cornalin in the Decanter DWWA 2018. It wasn’t a Swiss one - I think it was one fron the Valle d’ Aosta, but the grape description was so attractive, I just had to give it a go…
Edit: this was the winner…


I love a bargain!!! As such I have perused this list with pleasure… I have also purchased a few things on there previously!
Both the San Toro 2011 and the Able Mendoza were delicious… even more so due to the price!
I also have brought the Cote Rotie but it’s in reserves so can’t comment on that just yet… but looking forward to it! :grin:


Hmmm. I’ll need to mull this one over.

Fortunately, the Society has exactly the right stuff to help me -

A tablespoon of this and I’ll get back to you.


Works a treat that stuff does :+1: