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Problems accessing Community using new Firefox on Android

On my old phone, a few days ago, I “installed onto my home screen” (in the new Firefox terminology) the main Community page when logged in. I believe this uses PWA, which Discourse supports, so it looks like you then have an app on your home screen. However, around 50% or the time, when I clicked on the “app”, all I got was a white page in it. For the other 50%, I saw the Community but was not logged in.

Coincidentally, I then got a new phone, and hoped that all would be sorted out on my shiny new one. But no, now I always get the white page.

By comparision, the forum on Jancis’ website, which also uses Discourse, works fine when “installed” in the same way. You go straight to the forum, and are logged in. So it seems to be something to do with the particular TWS implementation of discourse, and perhaps a Firefox bug.

Could you mention it to your techies perhaps, @Laura? I’m happy to help further to narrow down the issue if that would help. Obviously, in the meantime I have alternative ways on accessing the community, but it looks like something that should be addressed at some point.

Hi Steve,
Of course! I’ll gladly ask the techies! :grin: Hopefully we can get this sorted for you fairly quickly.

Many thanks.

I notice now that both Discourse sites (JR and TWS) are the same. That is, if I use Firefox to browse normal webpages, and then close it using the menu “Quit” (which I have configured to close all tabs), then I can open either Discourse PWA once, but thereafter I can open neither. Also, after browsing normally, and killing Firefox using Android, I can use neither. As far as I know you HAVE to use Android to close PWA apps.

This is with a newer version of Firefox (81.1.1 Build #2015764547) than when I made my last post, but I am not 100% sure the behaviour has changed. Anyway, it now seems to be more a Firefox/Discourse bug rather than TWS specifically, but maybe your techies could raise it wiith Discourse?