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Private wine laws


A few years ago I was working on some Boring Tosh & getting emotionally attached to some of the Boring Tosh stuff I was doing. At the culmination point of the Boring Tosh that I was presently approaching I suddenly had a fit of desperation & nearly threw my computer out of the window when it took 40 minutes to insert a column into microsoft excel spreadsheet.

There was a certain Scottish gentleman in the room, who looked at me & said: “My father once told me: never blame your instruments”

Some father. Read: “Blame your good self instead, for most evil is self inflicted”.

I get it. Now more than back then.

So my private wine law #1 has to read similar to “If you don’t like the wine, blame your choice, not the wine”. Because wine is an instrument.

I do not vote for this rule to be universal. But I just thought I’d share.

I have a few more private wine laws, not all of them fully crystallised yet. But this one is crystal clear to me now.


Yes and the corollary that the best way to learn is experience. You gotta drink a few bottles to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Then you need to drink a few more to test your assumptions again. :blush:


Yes I think you eventually develop ‘a vision’… I certainly have, since joining a couple of years ago.


But your choice is an informed choice which could be based on, for example, comments of others, price, sellers’ description and so on.

We’ve just tried a well-reviewed 2012 champagne from a big supermarket which also gave it an enticing description. It tasted like cheap prosecco. So I’m not inclined to blame myself in that instance.


The 2012 is a bit of a special year: I’ve yet to come across a single good bottle (at least for red bordeaux, in my experience). Perhaps the next private law should be ‘avoid 2012’, then in combination the two laws will work really nicely.


Maybe I’m the exception that proves the rule, but I quite like 2012 Bordeaux. It’s quite simple and fruity, and you’re not going to confuse it with the 09’s or 10’s, but it has its place. Admittedly I’m talking about the lower end of the market, but the Chateau Mareil was good and I’ve enjoyed the Chateau de Pitray as well. I’m yet to have a 2011 that’s worth bothering with though, and I’ve not enjoyed 2013 much either…


I agree! I really enjoyed the Caronne Ste-Gemme 2012 from Haut Medoc (Majestic). Good structure, lovely red fruit and black pepper and perhaps a whiff of smoke. It was delicious with a roast shoulder of lamb.

I’d like to give the Chateau Mareil a go now, too! :slight_smile:


I like this law. Assuming not faulty, it’s not the wine, it’s not me, it’s my decision to open this particular bottle at this time. Sometimes, there will never be a right time for me and this bottle (Apothic Red) but more often, the circumstances weren’t right for it. And that’s down to my choice.


Private Wine Law for me “Never Drink a Wine over 14% ABV”

(Exc. fortified, of course)


One possible exception for me would be Reynon 12, but in order to enjoy it you have to forget what the 2009, 2010 & 2011 tasted like (far better).


I think my law is: Always share your best bottles.

If nothing else, it gives you an excuse to open another :grin:

(wine is better shared generally, but I’m not going to pretend I’m that restrained)


When it’s late in the evening and you and your companions have seen off a few delicious wines, despite what your heart is telling you, it is probably not the time to reach for your most special bottles. Save it for next time!


Best wine law right here!!!


Yes, I go by this. My wine hierarchy (from low to high) would be:

  1. Wine for cooking
  2. Wine for drinking while eating
  3. Wine for drinking
  4. Wine for sharing while eating
  5. Wine for sharing : )