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Private notes to self


There is a place for these, in parallel with the reviews, and I use it to say things like ‘tasted at Stevenage’, ‘tried previous vintage’ or ‘consider buying’, or ‘definitely order the next time’, or … But in order to access it you have to click on the public reviews and then remember to untick the box saying that what is written will be public. I don’t want my notes to myself to be public, and I would prefer to have these 2 categories kept separate with no risk of forgetting to untick.


Would be very handy for those attending tastings. We have a link that has all the wines listed but you could then put your notes on the night straight into your account rather than juggling pens and books along with the wine glass.


A link to what? But I would rather hold/drop/spill wine on a pen and paper than a phone or tablet.


It is a good point - there is the chance for this error. The issue would be how to make this possible without adding further to the number of clicks and tabs needed to organise all these places.

I will certainly make sure this is shared with our team as we are looking at the issue of private wine lists and reviews at the moment.

As a matter of interest, how often do you leave reviews (public and private)? And do you use the star-ratings?


I don’t leave public reviews. Unlike some on another thread (or Gove), I prefer reviews by experts whose views I have learned to respect.


There is a link/page created for each event that has all the wines being tasted listed. This is currently for sales post event, but I have thought that it would be useful for people to record notes whilst at the event if there was a way for these to be saved.