Previous EP offer notes (Wiki)


Previous offer notes are available again here:

However, the page is not currently complete. This wiki will therefore be a good place to add any notes you may have that aren’t yet on the website.






Other offers


I know it is a pain, but could we attach the pdf documents rather than dropbox links?

scrap that - pdfs not allowed (unless @laura can get the allowed upload file formats edited)

How do we do that?

I don’t know… maybe we cannot… ignore me

Better yet, @laura or @Kelly could send one of us all the pdfs and we can self-host until the page comes back.

Edit: happy to oblige if you folks lay your hands on the pdfs

I’ve tinkered with the settings - do you want to have a try and see if it works? :crossed_fingers:

I really wish I had the time to find all the previous offer notes and upload them myself, but my maternity leave starts next week and I’ve got a (slightly terrifying :laughing:) amount of things to cross off my list before I go.


I think I’ve managed to upload Burgundy 2019. Would somebody like to check if it works OK for them? Oh, and please feel free to tidy it up if there’s a better way of showing the link.

Thank you Laura for all your help and good luck!


Link works for me, thank you all for your work on getting this up and running!

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Thanks, that’s good. I’ll do the others I have. I tried to upload Bordeaux 2020 but the file is too big - 30.7MB when the maximum allowed is just over 8MB. The others I have are smaller than that so will be OK.

OK, I’ve uploaded the files I have - except Bordeaux 2020. I still have a request in with Member Services so I can ask them for some more as long as it’s not an excessive number. I’ll wait to see if anyone else can add anything this evening and get in touch with MS tomorrow.

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Looks like TWS have come good :grinning:


Notes only go back to 2010.

So sad.


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I think this has been what they call ‘managing expectations’.

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@tom you sir, are an absolute legend!

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Although there wasn’t a pdf made for Barolo 2017, I made my own so can share. Can only apologise for the lack of photos of rolling hills, vineyards and proud winemakers, but think all the info is there.
I take no responsibility whatsoever for errors, the basic Word table or that wonkily-formatted final entry.


OK! Good news about the web page - but there are a number of offers missing still. So I’ll kee this post up but edit to point to the restored page, and have this as a repository for any offers anyone may have that aren’t on the website for some reason.


All the best for your maternity leave @laura ! (and of course the new arrival… I’m told they sleep eventually).

If @Kelly or another staff member has access to older pdfs I’m more than happy to upload them myself here :slight_smile:


Oh thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m very excited!

I’ll be introducing my wonderful replacement tomorrow too so I’m sure they can help. :smiley: