Preview: What to Expect from our New Website

Very likely: the search is hopeless for any wine, even those on the current list don’t come up if you try “difficult” search terms like country.

And it’s not even working properly for direct producer searches. Eg type in ‘Musar’ - the main wine shows up near the top, then a whole bunch of irrelevant results that happen to have ‘Mus’ or ‘Mu’ somewhere in the name or grape etc (Muscadelle, Muscat, Musigny etc) and then right at the bottom the Hochar shows up - a wine actually made by Musar but nowhere near the top of the search results. All very odd - in the sense that this new and shiny and upgraded search function appears to have taken several steps back in its specificity and relevance .


Can we not all agree that the overall opinion of the ‘new’ website is one of disappointment?
Although the colours are very nice :innocent:


Yes, but the search function is particularly important to a site like this. No one goes to the site and just asks for everything in random order. The current search doesn’t always work for:
a particular wine whose name I knw.
a wine whose name I half remember and want to find.
A country or grape.

This seems likely to lose sales, as well as friends.


Hs anyone else been having issues entering the security number on stored credit cards to complete transactions?

I’ve had the issue on my PC for about 2 months and then now just having the same issue on my iphone (which I had been using to complete the transaction).

Sorry, mistaken post!

Cannot get the website currently, is anyone else having issues?

***have cleared all website cookies, cached data - now working fine. Not sure if it had anything to do with me leaving TWS tabs open while searching for wines etc.

Thanks, Si

All working here… :thinking:

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I’m getting the timeout error too.

Edit: seems to work fine on my phone though.

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I have never seen any reviews on the new website and I recall this was a common problem months ago.
Has anyone found a simple fix?

Log-in issues…. I tried accessing my account today and my credentials were not recognised. I reset my password no less than two times to no avail. This was on my iMac. I then tried my iPhone and same thing. I could not post anything on the Community either as you need to be logged in for such. I called MS and I was told they were aware of an IT problem but could not provide further detail at that juncture.

I am still locked out but can write this as I am still logged in on a third, iPad, device (under what will be now prior credentials). MS said they had received lots of calls from members this PM flagging the issue. Try not to get logged out otherwise you’ll lose access to your account and the Community until they fix it.

EDIT. I think one has to generally log-in again if you navigate to your account from, say, the Community. Be careful if you do such as if the glitch manifests, ie does not recognise your credentials, it is highly likely you’ll lose access to the Community, in terms of being able to post anything. Depends on how many devices your logged in on perhaps.


Seemingly back to normal now.

Wine listings on the website now seem to default to ‘popular’ instead of ‘price - low to high’. Why would that be?

The ‘online’ indicator button on this forum is back to being more prominent again. I can think of one or two ways in which the programmers could spend their time more usefully😀

Being unable to set a permanent sort value is annoying.


Yes, totally agree. Would be very useful for a variety of reasons. I seem to remember this was a function previously, but maybe it’s my rose-tinted specs of former glories.

My memory is that it was promised, rather like collated user reviews.

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Just bookmark whatever view you want/prefer. eg - All Wines, by newest:

The developers of the forum software, Discourse aren’t the same as the TWS website ones

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Mine always defaults to ‘relevance’ even with no search term entered and, as far as I can remember, always has on the new website (on PC not phone).