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Preview: What to Expect from our New Website

@Kelly I could I make a request of the techies that they change the Wishlist behaviour to that of the old site. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve added a wine to my wishlist without thinking that I’m not actually logged in. Previously, if I did this it immediately asked me to log in and added it. Now it adds it to some virtual wishlist and IF I should later log on it then adds it, but if, as is often the case, I’m just browsing around and don’t log in then it never gets added and I don’t realise it which rather defeats the whole object.

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Click and collect isn’t working. Have a low stock bottle in my basket, select click and collect option and the whole process stalls with the spinning icon.

Now the My Wines search seems to have given up the ghost! It used to be that as you typed it started searching but if you hit return then that effectively cancelled the search. Now nothing happens as I type and if I hit return it produces this URL for a search on “vetrice”:


Which seem to do something and then reloads this url:


Which shows everything ie. no search. If I remove the last bit of that first URL to give this:


It works so it seems the only way I can search My Wines now is by manually constructing the search URL. Interestingly if you click that first URL as a link it does work. So it’s only when generated from the search itself it doesn’t. Go figure.

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Yup, exactly the same for me. Shows both Vetrice wines in my history for about half a second, then goes back to all my wines. Bizarre, but yes your first link has the desired effect, which makes me think something has gone screwy with the search box…


And for me.

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Reviews of my wines are not showing, submitted 3 reviews recently, but nothing showing on wine product pages.

I submitted two yesterday which are. What did you review?

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The two I remember are The Society’s Rioja and TreRè Re Famoso Bianco, Ravenna 2020.

Latest review for the WS Rioja is 15/01/22 (Matthew), latest for TreRè is 19/11/21 (Edmond). Neither are you?

My wine reviews (done today) still not showing after having given them some weeks to sort it out. Nor the ones done a month ago. Waste of time – giving up! Also…, my Orders List has duplicate orders, with apparently different Order numbers.

More than four months after this new website was introduced, it is still full of bugs, inconsistencies and outright accounting faults as mentioned by others – and developing more each day. It has been an absolute disaster as an IT project!! If I bought and received such a product I would be asking for my money back. TWS was clearly sold a Rudy Kurniawan Ponsot.

I don’t understand why there hasn’t been some accountability for this management and operational failure.

I went through exactly the same pain, and anger, a year (or two?) ago. It was a banking app that compelled me to upgrade.

I did eventually discover the new phone was so much snappier and easier to use in a number of different ways. But that sense of progress was largely due to apps becoming more bloated - my old one was snappy too, with the apps and websites of its own generation.

Website bloat is also ridiculous these days. There are no simple websites any more, even if many could achieve their purpose with HTML and a couple of server-side scripts


No not me.

I’ve stopped trying to post reviews on the website too as I’m just wasting my time.

I just do it on here or on my CT page.


Yup. Reviews are a mess right now. Not worth looking for them or writing them until they are visible.


my reserves are showing a lot of 0 bottles lines :scream:

maybe a weekend glitch ?

edit: it is showing this “0 bottles” for any line where there is not a full 6/12 case

Same here…the two wines which are currently not a full case are showing as zero bottles…this is pretty new, and presumably ‘collateral damage’ for some other changes that have been made.

@ruifilipe @MarkC That’s strange indeed, thanks for flagging - I’ll follow up with our web team and come back to you with an update. Thank you

the correct quantities are back as far I can see… so maybe a weekend maintenance glitch…

Hmm even stranger. Glad it seems like it’s sorted itself, thanks for letting us know @ruifilipe . @MarkC are the quantities displaying correctly for you?

Yes. Bizarrely they have now reappeared. Clearly part cases don’t work weekends!

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