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Don’t talk to me about new phones. My old one (which was still working just fine thank you very much) is now too old to get any more updates and is stuck on Android 6 (it was a Galaxy S5!!!). So now it seems all my more secure apps for getting into banks etc. will no longer run on the old phone so I had to replace a perfectly good piece of technology with a newer one. I hate doing that so much that it hurts!!! And now it takes me three times as long to figure out how to do all the stuff I used to do in seconds!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH!

[sorry had to get that off my chest…I’m alright now…really…I am…]


One of these?



Built-in obsolescence in action!

What a crappy world we live in… :frowning_face:


Within a matter of weeks I had to replace an ipod because it couldn’t cope with BBC Sounds, and a kindle which couldn’t handle an ‘upgrade’ of the Times.

It would be wrong to actually “like” your post but I completely sympathise! :weary:

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I’m still keeping a 2006 Powerbook going fine for CD ripping and working with an old scanner. It connects via a Firewire/thunderbolt adaptor to my newer mac, which adapts via a thunderbolt/usb C adaptor to my (pretty rubbish) Macbook pro. All the crappy things they did with that Macbook Pro (no SD card slot, no mag safe power supply, rubbish clicky keyboard) they’ve changed with the new Macbooks. But still not as good as the old keyboard on the Powerbook.

Sometimes change is distinctly NOT Improvement.


I still use a perfectly good XP powered laptop, but mostly it’s just for playing my music through the stereo system!

Gah - another negative balance on my account, which on investigation turns out to be from my last order in late November. Why does this happen? I order, I provide a credit card, and a few days later the wine is delivered. Why then is payment not taken? I can not be the only member who would resent getting black-listed for non-payment when the fault is entirely with the Society’s shoddy new website. Gah!

(Yes I am grumpy, and yes it is mostly the fault of a power cut at 4am, but still …)


Is anyone else starting to see 2 entries for some wines on their EP Order History? It seems to have appeared over Christmas and seems to relate to EP wines I have ordered since Sep 21?


I’ve been getting this on EP and regular orders but it seems they are aware of it and working on it so hopefully will be fixed soon.


Yes, same here

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Yes, on some.

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Is it not simply the original order followed by the confirmed order?

I have the same, but the total at the bottom indicates only one set of wines.

I’m getting this at the top of my Order History at the moment:


Not sure if it’s the same thing but I’m seeing this where an EP order was modified. So I’m seeing one entry for Coudoulet de Beaucastel 1 case of 12 at £0 and another entry for the same but 2 cases of 6 at £145 and the same is happening for another which changed from one case of 6 to one case of 3.

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All, thank you. One does relate to a quantity change but the others all seem to be duplicates with them confirming orders. @Herbster - yes, that message has now appeared when I access orders. Clearly a gremlin.

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In case this has been driving anyone else mad, I have worked out why the total number of items listed in ‘My Reserves’ is larger than the sum of all the categories one can filter by. (I have 132 items, but the Red Wine + White Wine + Port + Champagne + Sparkling Wine total was 131, as was the sum of all the countries). I have two cases of one wine, purchased in different ways (one directly, one allocated from a VCP). The total count of items treats these as separate, but the filters do not.

Perhaps a small thing, but nice to have all the bookkeeping queries prompted by the new site resolved.


Every time I login to the website I get this message, doesn’t matter because I log in anyway, just shows its a work in (slow) progress I guess.

Hi @NickFoster, thanks for sharing this, I will feed it back! What happens once you get this page, you say you log in anyway - does it suddenly load the website or do you have to refresh?

Simply try again and it works fine. Not prevented me from using the ordering system so not a major issue.