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Some weeks back I followed the debate relating to remaining wine from EP offers and whether or not they would continue to be offered to members. I recognise that there were views for and against but think the key consideration missing was, perhaps, where those who did buy from the leftovers will go if they could not access wines from TWS. I was one of those who bought from leftovers, usually after reports on the next vintage started to emerge and hoped the removal of this part of the website was temporary. However, given the length of time the service has been missing, I now fear it has gone permanently. If the decision is to remove this service from members it strikes me that two things might happen. First, TWS will need to fund additional reserves. Second, TWS risks loosing the spend of those that did purchase wines who may simply seek out leftovers from other merchants. Perhaps loss of this spend will be offset by offering museum wines, but I am less convinced. I also wonder what the ‘opportunity’ cost is to members if we sink more resource into reserves. What offers might we miss out on because, rightly, TWS has to manage its cash?


Just reinforcing my post on the thread around remaining stocks. We have no plans to withdraw the facility. The simple fact is that we have no leftover stock at present and have not had remaining stocks for some time. As soon as an offer leaves remaining stocks then these will be offered to members. Museum release wines have a separate process as these wines need to be planned carefully rather than an outcome of wines previously not purchased by members in an EP offer.


Steve, many thanks for that. I had clearly missed your earlier response on this. Sorry. When did you post that response?

If you click on Steve’s picture you can find his posts and this link you are looking for https://community.thewinesociety.com/t/goodbye-ep-remaining-stock-lists/12115/32

Right. Thank you. I had looked at the posts on this thread but had missed the other topic comment. That said, having just read it I am not sure it addresses my points. I read Steve’s note as remaining stocks will be removed earlier (they used to go just before the next EP campaign for that type of wine) and may be used for museum wines thus increasing Society stock. This leads me to the conclusion, for example, that the remaining stock of Burgundy 2019, of which there was a significant range pre the new website, have been moved into TWS reserves significantly earlier than they would have done previously. Not sure I agree with Steve’s phrase that this offers better value for members - my opportunity cost argument. Equally, members spend may also still be diverted to other suppliers if they cannot access remaining EP stocks up to the next vintage as other merchants continue to offer leftovers of the previous EP campaign - see here under the EP tab: https://www.justerinis.com/fine-wines/ or here https://www.bbr.com/offer/burgundy-2019-en-primeur


It’s been 2 weeks now that I can’t access the community from my phone ( history and cookies cleared). I contacted member services and they said they are aware of the issue and trying to fix it. Is anyone experiencing the same? It shows the T& C page and once I scroll to the bottom and click accept it takes me back to the top of the same page, never gives me access to the community.
This is the first time I login using my work laptop which obviously I don’t want to use.

I have had exactly the same issue on my imac. Still cannot solve it. Member services sent me a new password reset that did not work either.

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@Andrew1990 seems to be an issue with apple devices as I had that issue with my iPhone. It’s quite frustrating not been able to participate in the community.
@TeresaGirao can you assist in finding a fix for this problem?
This is the answer I got from member services 10 days ago
“ Upon investigation it appears there is an issue that the IT team are aware of. Please try this link https://community.thewinesociety.com/ to see if you can gain access without going through your account.

Please let us know if this is successful and we will update the IT team.

Kind regards

Sue Wappett

Member Services

But it’s fine on mine… Seems a bit more erratic than that

I use Apple devices but are not having any problems? Main access is through an iPAD but also use a iMac.

I have an iPhone and iPad, and prefer to access the community via the Discorse Hub application.

It’s much more convenient in every way.


@KevinLaurence thanks for sharing but it doesn’t work for me as I cannot connect to the community. Same error happens

Did try it, but when I click on accepting the community terms and conditions through the app, nothing happens - app just moves up to the top of the page…

Try tapping it once it moves to the top. It should then expand to show you the list of topics under discussion.

Here is a link to the user guide:

Not sure if this has already been reported, I am unable to change the quantity of any item to ‘other’ (greater than 12) on my phone.

I’m on iOS 15.1.1, it’s the same for both Safari and Chrome.

Maybe TWS version of the gambling block you can put on your banking app? :grin:


Yes, I was just going to say that 12 is enough anyway! More would not be healthy!

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But what if I want to see how much I could possibly go into debt by?

Edit: if I’m that desperate, I can always turn on my pc, it doesn’t appear to be similarly affected.

Are you sure Mrs Brocklehurstj hasn’t had a word?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t put it past her. Probably something dreadful installed on my new phone.